Why is a rubber mat so important for your vehicle

Land Rover Discovery Sport accessories
Discovery Sport rubber mat

Land Rovers started out as utilitarian vehicles designed for use on the farm. Consequently, they had minimalist interiors that were designed for a tough working life. Even the first generation Range Rover, although rather more civilized, had a largely vinyl and rubber interior that could more or less be hosed out when it got dirty.

Today’s Land Rovers have for the most part become something very different. While they still have the unrivaled off-road capability they have morphed into luxury vehicles with smart upholstery and deep carpets.

Great outdoors

But many people still use their vehicles for outdoor pursuits. While the outdoors is great it’s also very often dirty, so in many cases, these activities are going to involve mud and dirt. Cleaning the carpet of your new vehicle is much more difficult than cleaning the tough interiors of older models. Little wonder then that among the most popular Land Rover Discovery Sport accessories are rubber mats.Whether you are using your Land Rover Discovery for work that involves visiting farms or building sites, or for leisure pursuits like shooting or mountain biking that may involve going off read, you need to protect the interior.

Choosing protection

So what can you do to keep the interior of your Discovery smart and ensure that you don’t cause long term damage to the vehicle with ingrained dirt? Well chosen Land Rover Discovery Sport accessories can help.A set of good quality rubber mats will stop mud, grit, and dirt being trodden into your vehicle’s carpets. It’s important to choose wisely though. A set of cheap, ill-fitting mats will slip and slide around, allowing dirt to creep under the edges and even potentially make driving hazardous.

On the other hand, a set of rubber mats specifically designed as Land rover discovery Sport accessories will fit snugly in the footwells. They won’t slide around as you drive, and they will successfully trap dirt and stop it getting into your carpets. When it comes to cleaning they can easily be taken out of the car and shaken, they can also be washed and scrubbed as necessary.

Won’t rubber mats spoil the look of my car? You might be asking. Not if they ate properly designed for the vehicle. Discovery Sport rubber mat sets are specially made for this model, so not only do they fit well, but they also suit the style of the car, with a ribbed design and a smart silver-colored Land Rover logo.

If you have the optional third row of seats there’s no need to worry about muddy kids messing up your boot carpet either. You can also get a tailored rubber mat specifically designed for the third row, so all of the vehicles can be protected.

If you make serious use of your Discovery then adding rubber mats is essential. But even if you never take your car off-road, you probably still drive in bad weather and a set of mats can still help to keep your interior pristine.

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