How to Select the Perfect Ladder Rack for Your Van

If you own a work van, it is important to look for outfitting ideas to optimize its performance. True, van manufacturers today have upped their game to make highly...
How to Select the Perfect Ladder Rack for Your Van

If you own a work van, it is important to look for outfitting ideas to optimize its performance. True, van manufacturers today have upped their game to make highly functional work vehicles but there is still more you can do. One of the greatest concerns for a van owner is the transportation of ladders and such bulky items.

A ladder is an essential item in every contractor’s toolkit and however large the interior cargo space of your van; it is impossible to hail it Ladder transportation is a big headache for every contractor, and you should think of a van ladder rack to sort this out. Innovative van accessories manufacturers now develop versatile rack systems best suited for roof or side transportation of ladders more effectively and safely.

If you want to outfit your van to boost its capacity, you should start looking at different ladder racks in the market.

This article highlights the benefits of a ladder rack for your van and the important things you should consider to find the best rack system.

Why You Need a Van Ladder Rack

If you are a contractor, you will find a ladder necessary for most of your work. Due to its bulk, you need a suitable rack system to transport it. Some advantages of using these rack systems include:

  1. Enhanced safety: Your crew will not suffer from neck and back injuries when loading and unloading ladders. What’s more, your ladders remain safely secured while on the road to avert accidents.
  2. Improved productivity: A lot of time and energy goes to waste when loading and unloading ladders manually. The best van ladder rack comes with a hydraulic system to accomplish this task easily. You will save time and complete the task at hand faster and more effectively.
  3. Increased cargo capacity: With the ladder out of the way, you create room for more items in your van’s cargo area. It is also easier to organize the available room to accommodate more tools and equipment.
  4. Van protection: You avert any damage to the van’s bodywork when you secure the ladder on a rack.

A ladder rack is a great way to boost eh performance of your crew, reduce time wastage and deliver better quality services. You can easily gain a competitive edge by always arriving at your client’s site with all necessary tools.

How to Select the Ladder Rack for your Van

Now that you appreciate the importance of the ladder rack, the next step involves finding the right one for your van. There are different ladder racks in the market and choosing one is an overwhelming task. To get it right, consider the following:

Your Ladder Transportation Needs

Pick a ladder rack that suits your needs and avoids the temptation to buy the cheapest systems. Consider how many ladders you need to transport and how frequently your crew needs to use them. It is easier to find a rack system that works for you when you understand your crew’s needs. These rack systems come in different capacities, and it is thus advisable to buy one that suits you.

Choose Durable and Flexible Materials

Go for a van ladder rack system made from tough materials. The best rack system should withstand extreme weather elements including rain, wind, and snow. The most common rack materials are steel and aluminum. Older rack systems made of steel fail with time due to rust and other issues. An aluminum ladder rack, on the other hand, is flexible and easy to customize. It lasts longer as it can withstand weather elements without any problems.

Look for Versatile Ladder Rack Design

The high demand for ladder racks among van owners has seen more manufacturers emerging with innovative designs. You can now choose from these versatile rack systems to get the most suitable one for your van. The most popular designs include drop-down racks, ladder keepers (for interior ladder storage), gutter mounted racks, perimeter/cargo racks among others. The modern rack systems are efficient, and your crew will enjoy using them.

Safety Comes First

Before buying and installing any van ladder rack system, consider the safety of the design, safety features included and safety guarantees of the materials used. To get the safest racks, use a reliable van or truck accessories manufacturer who can provide a detailed account of the safety standards used in making the rack system.

The rack system should have easy-to-operate features guaranteeing you won’t have to strain when loading or unloading. Look at built-in safety features including automatic hydraulic systems for easy unloading and loading of the ladder.


When comparing benefits of different ladder racks in the market, look at how easy it is to customize them to suit your transportation needs. Every van is different in size and you might require your outfitter to customize the rack system to suit your needs. The best ladder rack is easy to tailor to meet your unique requirements. A customizable ladder rack is not only effective but also affordable.

Choose a Qualified Outfitter

When shopping for a ladder rack, you will need to use an established outfitter. Most outfitters also supply high-quality van accessories. Once you have picked the type of ladder you want, they will help with the installation and performance testing.

It is important to use a highly qualified outfitter to help you choose the best rack system for your specific van model. They have experience in this area, and you will find it easier to make your choice. Look out for bonus features such as PVC pipe storage container and conduit holders when buying the best ladder rack.

It is important to carry out due diligence of your company’s ladder transportation needs, assess types of van ladder rack systems in the market, built-in safety features of the best racks, functionality, durability of the materials and reliability of the van outfitter you wish to use.

Take your time to learn as much as you can about the available rack options for your van before making any choice. If you are in the market for ladder racks, now you are better equipped to make the right choice.

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