Reasons for semi-truck accidents leading to severe conditions where your lawyer can help?

Many people might consider all kinds of trucks to have similar functionality and comply with similar laws and regulations. Although this may be true in various locations, it is...
Semi-truck wreck lawyer in Houston

Many people might consider all kinds of trucks to have similar functionality and comply with similar laws and regulations. Although this may be true in various locations, it is highly unlikely in prominent states and countries with broad transportation infrastructures. Many times, it is the large trucks that were involved in road crashes that resulted in fatal consequences. While many may question whether semi-trucks pose the same amount of threat as large trucks, even with many trained drivers, accidents can still occur. There could be the possibility of property damage with semi-truck accidents and severe injuries. This might require you to hire a semi-truck wreck lawyer in Houston. It is possible to prevent accidents due to negligence of drivers, where trucking companies are liable, and other factors. So, it can be helpful to be aware of the hazards associated with semis, the many types of accidents, and potential injuries. 

What are the dangerous attributes of semi-trucks that can contribute to crashes?

  • Semi-truck size and weight 

Some of the semi-trucks may have a cab and a trailer that can extend up to 80 feet. But standard-size semi-trailers are 53 feet long. Often, these trucks are restricted to not weighing more than 80,000 pounds when they are completely loaded. Generally, most empty semi-trucks weigh at least 30,000 pounds. Unlike the majority of passenger cars or large SUVs that can go only up to 19 feet, these trucks are quite large and heavier, weighing only 3,000 to 6,000 pounds. Hence, there is a possibility of requiring a semi-truck wreck lawyer in Houston if you fall victim to semi-truck accidents and end up injured or asset damages. 

  • Large size blind spots of semi-trucks

Small automobiles can be tripled in height by semi-trucks, which are at least twice as tall as passenger cars. Their blind spots are the biggest on the road as the 30 feet go for the front cab and 20 feet behind the trailer. So, the drivers can hardly see the passenger side behind the glass. These can be quite hazardous spots for semi-trucks to get into road crashes, no matter the efforts put into eliminating them. 

  • Careless speeding on roads

Every level of the road, from town roads to highways, has its designated speed limits. So, all vehicles, from two-wheelers to four-wheelers, on the road can come under risk when a semi-truck speeds above its limit. Drivers employed by trucking businesses are frequently under pressure to fulfill deadlines, and any delays may result in a cut in payment. So, it may cause them to speed on the roads. While in the accelerating mode, semi-truck drivers may have less time to react to hazards on the road. Even though speeding on the road over the limit is risky in itself, if it is combined with additional elements like bad weather and tailgates, it increases the likelihood of accidents. 

  • Inadequate amount of cargo loads and improper loading

While transporting freight on the road, semi-trucks might get into accidents due to inadequately loaded cargo. If the load is heavier than mentioned in the road regulations, there is a risk of cargo that is not properly bound to fall off the truck while braking forcefully or turning quickly. It increases the possibility that the truck might topple over and get into a road accident. 

  • Fatigue and driving while distracted

If a driver is distracted, it can be a hazardous situation for semi-trucks on the road due to their size and weight. Such distractions can be due to hunger, being busy with phones, testing, being not attentive to the road but radio, or reading signboards. Moreover, fatigue can be another risk factor that can cause drowsiness and poor reflexes while driving. In order to fulfill deadlines, most semi-truck drivers take extended breaks that can breach the regulations to make the deliveries on time. In these scenarios, your semi-truck wreck lawyer in Houston can help get compensation as the driver and the trucking company are at the end of the liability. 

  • Poor truck condition

In addition to drivers, other factors that might contribute to semi-truck crashes include construction activity, badly maintained roadways, and poor truck conditions. Your semi-truck wreck lawyer in Houston can assist you in navigating the legal system for such scenarios that help you get the compensation you are entitled to. They also know personal injury during truck accidents, which can be essential if you are severely injured. 

Final Thoughts:

Truck drivers don’t find semi-trucks to be extremely risky. In most cases, semi-truck accidents, the truck drivers make their escape unscathed. However, knowing some of the dangerous aspects that can keep truck drivers safe can result in events that can’t fatally affect the lives of those who share the road with truck drivers. Your attorney can help you investigate in knowing the cause of the accident and establish liability. As your advocate, a semi-truck wreck lawyer makes sure your rights remain protected, and you get the money you are due.

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