When does Replace a Number Plate become Extremely Important?

You must be aware of any misfortune if you are a new driver. The worn-out number plates can create lots of problems for the driver. It is inappropriate to...
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You must be aware of any misfortune if you are a new driver. The worn-out number plates can create lots of problems for the driver. It is inappropriate to use private number plates which are partially destroyed, dirty, old and missing out numbers. The owner may have to pay a massive fine if the numbers on the number plate are not loud and clearly visible. It is mandatory to abide by all the laws and rules of DVLA number plates. For better understanding, here in this blog, we have mentioned certain circumstances under which you must replace your number plates. If you are a newbie, the next few points will be an eye-opener!

When to replace the license private number plates?

Neglecting the condition of the private number plates will cost double or greatly in some cases. So, here are a few conditions when you must replace the number plate. 

  • Missing numbers

The number plates are made with a combination of numbers and alphabets. As per the driving rules, these combinations should be clear and understandable. It should be readable not to the human eyes but also the ANPR radar. The authorities have followed some strict rules regarding the new number plates. These rules are necessary to avoid major crimes such as cloning number plates.

  • Damage number plates

There are multiple reasons for damaged number plates. It may be due to road accidents, a car hitting the bonnet of your car, and attempted theft. But you can’t give these excuses to the authorities. In this scenario, you must get the new number plate immediately.

  • Number plates overlapped by the designs and borders

To make your vehicle look fancy and stylish, don’t overlook the clarity of numbers and combinations. The number plate you choose should have the specified spacing between each character. Ensure the border should be at a certain distance from the border. If your number plate has none of these factors, you need to replace the number plate.

  • Rust on the number plate

Does your number plate look rusted? If you feel their life expectancy is over, you need replacement. You must replace the number plate with the new one. You might pay a high cost if rust appears on your number plate. The recent laws made by the government are stringent. The rules command every car owner to abide by the standards of reflective number plates.

  • If the plate gets stolen

Can you drive a car without a number plate? The answer is a big No! No car is allowed on the roads if it doesn’t have a number plate. If criminals steal your number plate, you should contact the police station. After that, reach out to the number plate providers and ask them to make a replacement. Also, visit the concerned authorities to know the status.

  • If the number plate is not visible

The number plate you have should be visible clearly. It should be readable. To test this, move to the distance from a car and try to read the number plate. If you read this, then it is all okay. On the other hand, if it is not readable or visible to the eyes, you should visit for the replacement car number plates.

  • If the number plate is old

Based on the laws, each number plate you own must be changed or replaced every seven years. The number plates should be reflective, and the fonts should be visible day and night.

Do you need any documents to replace the registration plates?

The DVLA-certified number plate providers ask you to submit certain documents before they offer any plate. Having DVLA-certified private number plates is a great thing; for this, the owner must have identity proof. The owner can submit utility bills, bank statements, driving licenses etc. Some number plate providers also ask to submit ownership proof, vehicle registration certificates, number plate authorization certificates etc.

No matter which model and age of car you have, you can reach out to the trusted number plate providers and get a new one! The professional number plate provider offers the best quality number plates using laser cut technology. If you are selling your car or giving this to the scrape, retention of the car is necessary and can be done in a few minutes.

Can I retain the private number plate before selling a car?

You can sell the car and keep the personalized number plates even if you give the vehicle to the scrap. Ask the provider about the retention certificate. You can apply for this certificate online and offline to keep the number plate. To apply online, visit the official website and check the points you must take care of.

For this process, your vehicle should be registered with DVLA. Before you drive the vehicle on the road, make sure you understand the specific laws mentioned above in this blog. For more knowledge, talk with an expert.

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