Damaged Car Lock System – Evaluating Actual Cost of Replacement

A car lock system is an actually electronic circuit that is made up of advanced security system. The moment it is breached, the alert message is sent out via...

A car lock system is an actually electronic circuit that is made up of advanced security system. The moment it is breached, the alert message is sent out via alarm and message to the car owner. Sometimes, the system fails on itself and malfunction. This is the time when you need to replaced immediately.

A malfunctioning car auto-lock system is a threat to the security of your car and has to be immediately rectified. Reaching out for professional car key replacement in Dubai services is your best option. Before you actually hire one, you need to be calculative regarding the overall cost you might have to invest in getting it replaced.

Understanding the estimated replacing or making cost

In both cases, the overall cost might be almost the same, as these parts are not available in the second hand market. It is certain that whatever you replace has to be guaranteed and tamper-proof.

Selecting the best quality part is the only solution to ensure that your car lock does not get tampered easily in the near future. A professional auto locksmith can help you evaluate the approximate cost of replacement.

Replacing the inner lock cylinder

This is considered as the main working part of the automatic car lock system. This is mounted on the vehicle door as a keyhole and is used for unlocking the car. Traditionally this system was a manual and simple locksmith could easily access it using simple tools.

Modern time vehicles are more secured and so they are installed by a digital lock system that may not be easy to tamper and unlock. If access keys are lost then you may need to reprogram it again or get entire lock system replaced.

Replacing an entire kit just for one single lock in your car might cost you a few hundreds of dollars. When opting for this option always ensure that you approached a genuine locksmith.

Replacing dock assembly

This refers to the mechanism that connects the keyhole with the internal locking system so the door can be locked or unlocked. It is a complex system that makes use of both mechanical and digital part. Replacing this needs a professional locksmith who can work on a modern car locking system.

It does not need complex programming knowledge to get it replaced, but precision is required when assembling it back again. This is important if you want the car lock to work perfectly. Professional master key makers in Dubai will be able to perform this task easier if they are used to installing and uninstalling a modern car locking system.

If this gets damaged then it is obvious that you may have to invest anything between 50 to 700 USD.  The cost generally depends on the type of system your vehicle uses.

Knobs and switches

If you contact local car locksmith for replacing traditional knobs then it is certain that he is the best option. When speaking of modern-time vehicle, replacing knob requires little more of mechanical job. This often requires the expertise of a professional who is aware of handling the spring system of the door lock.

Replacing this part of lock may not be an expensive option as you may only have to invest a few dollars in getting it done. You can get it done by any traditional locksmith and it can be done within few minutes.

This type of task is also one of the most common tasks that are performed by a local locksmith.

Power lock system


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This type of accessory is usually present in the modern time power lock system. In general when you lose the car keys or card keys then you may need to get this entire kit replaced immediately. If not then you car auto-lock system might not be functional.

You don’t need to hire car key programming Dubai services to get it replaced. The entire kit can only be replaced by a professional auto locksmith using special devices and tools.

If not done properly then your car lock might not function best. This is also an expensive part and may need you to invest around a few hundred dollars.

How to get it replaced?

One of the best places to get the modern car lock system replaced is to contact the auto dealer. There is also a specialist who performs these tasks but may charge you a much higher fee.

It is advisable that for your modern car locking system, avoid hiring traditional services. Look around for locksmith who qualifies to perform this type of task.

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