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Dubai is a city of celebrations, with a significant number of tourists and expats; shopping malls and restaurants are always bustling. There’s always time for BBQs, pool days, and...
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Dubai is a city of celebrations, with a significant number of tourists and expats; shopping malls and restaurants are always bustling. There’s always time for BBQs, pool days, and beverages at the neighborhood bars and pubs.

It’s crucial to prepare ahead and drink wisely because many parties and occasions require a few drinks here and there. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your summer safety without sacrificing pleasure.

Here are four strategies to have a safe and exciting summer without sacrificing your freedom:

  1. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead of time is the most obvious strategy to ensure that you have a stress-free summer. If you know you’ll be attending an event where you intend to consume alcohol, plan your transportation ahead of time to avoid any trouble. When you should be enjoying your dosage of long-awaited social interaction, last-minute arrangements can generate tension and fear.

Prepare for a variety of events to guarantee a safe travel home. If public transportation is your preferred mode of transportation, check the schedule. You’ll need to make alternate arrangements during those hours because buses and the Dubai metro are closed. Plan for several departure times and have everything you’ll need on hand, such as taxi or designated driving service phone numbers, transportation fare, a place to crash, and so on.


You can call a Professional driver Dubai as Designated driver schedule with your social gathering to avoid paying cab money. No one wants to be the sober friend in a group of partygoers, but if you take turns being the sober driver, you can assure that everyone has a good time.

Remember, the designated driver isn’t the person who has had the fewest drinks but is entirely sober the entire night. You are responsible for the safety of your passengers as the designated driver, which can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are services available in Dubai to hire a professional Sober Driver Dubai. This way, everyone can drink as much as they want without having to worry about getting home safely.

  1. Be the Host

Consider hosting an event at your home if you have a natural aptitude for party planning or if you’ve never hosted an event before. You can forgo the trip home and hold the summer party at your home, allowing you to drink as much as you want. Safer driver Dubai are responsible for the passenger’s well-being. You can provide non-alcoholic beverages, assist your guests in arranging safe transportation home through Designated driver services, or provide air mattresses for them to sleep on.

  1. Book a Designated driver Service

While it’s wonderful when a friend volunteers to be the designated driver, it’s not the most trustworthy option. People get caught up in the moment, and your designated driver could be unfit to drive before you realize it. There is a reliable alternative that will ensure that you get home safely and sober.

Designated driving services are a terrific way to have a good time without jeopardizing your or others’ safety. You can have a few drinks at Safe driver in Dubai without worrying about getting home. Not only will you arrive home safely, but so will your vehicle. You can drive yourself to your event and then hand over the keys to your designated driver, who will safely transport you and your vehicle home when you’re ready.

This not only saves you money on cab fare to the event, but it also saves you money the next day because you won’t need to arrange a transportation to pick up your car. Furthermore, after a night of drinking, the last thing anyone wants to do the next morning is look for their automobile. Simply hire a professional from Safe Designated Drivers to ensure that you, your guests, and your vehicle arrive safely at your destination.

Designated driver Services can:

  • Save money on several cab or bus rides.
  • Ensures your safety and your vehicle’s safe return.
  • Guarantee a sober return back home
  • Save a hungover trip to your car the next day
  • Allow your entire party to drink if they would like
  • Supports road safety

Be scheduled to suit your timeline, no matter how late the party

Contact Reliable Safe Drivers if you require a designated driver in Dubai or the Lower Mainland. You can have a safe drive home at any time of day or night. By organizing a designated driving service, you may avoid waiting for your cab or the stress of trying to find a designated driver among your friends. Today is the day to book your safe, dependable, and pleasant Designated driver.

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