What to Do in A Motorbike-Truck Accident

A truck-motorbike accident is bizarre. Especially, the rider of the motorbike lies in critical condition. In most cases, the result is the demise of the biker. In other cases,...
Motorbike-Truck Accident

A truck-motorbike accident is bizarre. Especially, the rider of the motorbike lies in critical condition. In most cases, the result is the demise of the biker. In other cases, severe life-threatening injuries alter the entire post-accident life of the person. Motorbike riders are always exposed to threats while driving on the public road that also allows other vehicles and commercial trucks to maneuver. Very few lucky bikers get saved in a catastrophic accident.

While it is not in the control of one person what other vehicle operators are doing, but one can always control his or her own movements. For, several years, the national accident attorneys have been defending the bikers who are becoming the unfortunate victims of truck-bike accidents. The law firms have immense knowledge in bringing out the real culprits and provide justice to the sufferers and get them the deserved compensation to live their life. The attorneys possess the right skills and expertise in handling such cases.

Encountering an accident with a commercial truck can be the worst experience a person can have in life. The element of guilt plays a big role in the overall picture. It fixes who is the actual responsible party for the payment. The negligent party that triggered the accident was not only responsible to pay the damages, but also that party is supposed to pay the medical bills of the victim too. In some cases, the fault is not very clear. In these circumstances, each party needs to pay a certain percentage of the total damage.

The police report:

The insurance agencies depend mainly on the police report for the required data. The police officers visit the scene and collect all the minute details of the evidence. They also have the skills to determine the faulty party. They scrutinise the vehicles, injuries, damages, and pertinent information. Then, they establish who is the actual negligent party. Court checks their reports and so do the insurance companies. But, in a few cases, police reports are not everything for winning the case.

In many cases, police officers make quick assumptions. For example- Severe weather. If there happen to be multiple accidents simultaneously, mostly during a natural calamity, the officers may talk to the people later. In these circumstances, the story may be dependent on a single person to come forward and confess the guilt. Another option is to depend on third-party witnesses.

The third-party witness:

In certain cases, the statements of the third-party witnesses are considered a powerful tool to a personal injury attorney. Whenever a pang of guilt is not clear through the reports of the police, the statements of the witness can be in great use. Any person who viewed the accident is accepted as an asset to the lawsuit. It works wonders if the victim is badly injured and requires compensation. Accidents involving bikes and motorcycles are smoother to determine the faults. The witnesses are asked to visit the court and provide proof.

Deciding the fault in a motorbike-truck accident needs deep thought and consideration. Many times, truck drivers can’t see the bikers and hence end up in crashes. If a motorbike is driving erratically, the statement of the third-party witness can help the police determining the fault.

In circumstances where the motorbike is being hit from the behind, but it jumped in front of another vehicle with no time to pause, the ultimate cause is not very clear to a police officer. In any normal accident case, a party that hits another party from the rear end will be charged with the guilt of assured clear distance.

A motorbike requires shorter space to weave in and out of the traffic. In this case, the biker may appear as a victim, but in actuality, he/she is the one who triggered the clash. A witness can assist the police in knowing that the reckless bike driving led to the fatality. The witnesses also can settle the disputes between the viewpoints of the drivers where there is no presence of any police officer at the spot.

It is always advised to drive the bike carefully and not try to slide between the running vehicles while the traffic is green. For further assistance, take the help of truck accident attorneys.

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