How to Maintain a Brand New Car – Few Tips to Follow

A car is the most prized possession only next to a sweet home. Just like your house, a car needs regular and proper maintenance. Doing so will keep it...
Maintain a Brand New Car

A car is the most prized possession only next to a sweet home. Just like your house, a car needs regular and proper maintenance. Doing so will keep it in a spick and span condition and most importantly, add to its life. The bottom line is, never ignore maintenance work to ensure that your brand new car continues looking great and working at its peak performance.

Even for a car, preventive measures are the best practices to go with. It will not only extend your car’s life but also save money for frequent and costly repairs. Preventive maintenance done on a regular basis will help you identify if everything is fine or there is any problem. Read the manufacturer’s manual for the best guidelines.

From my end, here are few must-follow tips to make sure that your car stays in a healthy condition for years.

Check Air Filter

Faulty air filters are at the root of many car problems. You should inspect the filter regularly and get it changed every year or after your car travels 12000 miles, whatever happens first. Faulty filters cause problems to AC in your car and as a result, you will breathe in unhealthy air. Changing filters is easy and you can do it yourself within 10 minutes.

Check Fluid & Tire Pressure

It is too important to ignore or delay. Both are the main components of any vehicle and more prone to wear and tear. Make sure to pay extra attention to car fluids and tires. The inspection will take only 10 minutes.

Change Spark Plugs

Sometimes spark plugs are the real culprit why your car is not functioning properly. If not regularly inspected, you are less likely to know when you need a replacement. Spark plugs usually wear out after 30000 miles. Go through the manual to know the accurate figure, after which a replacement is required.

Check Battery

Won’t it be pathetic to run out of car batteries in times of emergency? Many of us have faced the problem once in our lifetime. To avoid the trouble, you should check your car battery regularly. The battery may have mineral built up around it. Leakage in the battery is also very common. Use a cleaning brush to clean the battery and if a replacement is needed, do it immediately.

Clean Windshields

Windshields easily pick up dust. Therefore, these need regular cleaning; otherwise, you will experience problems. Clean windshields help the drivers see everything clearly and clear view is important for safe driving. If you leave the windshields unclean, accumulating dirt will damage the quality of glass.

Check Wipers

If your car wipers are not working properly, you need to get these repaired or replaced immediately, especially if it is the rainy season. Damaged wipers may leave scratches on the glass, damage the windshields, block your view and cause accidents.

Check Brakes

Efficiently working brakes ensure safe driving. Therefore, check your brakes regularly and go for a change if needed. Replacing car brakes will not require you to ask for a mechanic’s help as you can easily do it yourself.

Lastly, you should cover your car properly. It will help maintain the brand new look of your car for a longer time.

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