The Top Three Electric Vehicle Road Trip Guidelines

Many changes have taken place in the car industry in this modern age. Instead of petrol and diesel cars, people now want to adopt eco-friendly cars. Coronavirus restrictions have...
Electric Vehicle Road Trip Guidelines

Many changes have taken place in the car industry in this modern age. Instead of petrol and diesel cars, people now want to adopt eco-friendly cars. Coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. And now many people are looking forward to having fun or traveling with their family.

It is good news for you, but how practical is an electric car on a long drive? We’ve put together four great EV off-road wheel trips that have something for everyone. We have everything from serene lakes and mountain views to rolling hills and historic towns. And now, companies have built easy EV charging points at all road travel points so that you can charge your car at the nearest EV charging points without any hassle. And enjoy your trip.


  • Lake is Perfect for Adventurers

The best place for adventure is on a trip to the lake. As reported by Off Road Rims manufacturer, you can enjoy many off-road touring things like cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, swimming in the water or boating, etc. Lake District Camping is an ideal place for sightseeing. Suppose you want to do an adventure challenge. One way to have more fun is to bike to the very top of Scafell Pike – the highest mountain in England. You can take your family on a spectacular motorcycle ride through the hills and take a day trip on these lakes.

  • Adventurers for Yorkshire Dales

Driving through the rolling Dales is one of the best ways to experience its beauty. But if you want to get a more active experience – and feel a little adventurous – why not walk up Pen-y-Ghent, one of our favorite paths in North Yorkshire for walking and hiking (and getting some stunning views). Caves are another option to explore either independently or with a local guide! There are some fantastic options throughout the region. On your way back, stop off at Skipton Castle overlooking the River Wharf as it weaves below its famous 15th-century keep.

  • Adventure to the Harrogate

This spa town is the ideal place for relaxation. So treat yourself to an afternoon Turkish Baths and wander through the Valley Gardens. If you want to get out of town, try looking at the Old Manor House, previously Guy Fawkes’ childhood home. As you walk around Harrogate, make sure you visit Betty’s tearoom for a great cup of tea with scones and sandwiches. Even if it’s just for that moment, let yourself relax and take in your surroundings!


  • Adventures to the York City


York is where the Vikings lived for hundreds of years. They used to do a ton of fighting in and around the cities but have since mostly left the city behind. Walkthrough York’s old winding streets that used to be a part warzone, part home to bring yourself back to this period. Don’t miss out on its fascinating history as you visit different sites about war and its religious background, which dates back centuries. You can visit the Jorvik Viking Museum and Clifford’s Tower, located just a short walk away from the bustling city center!

But you can’t miss one of York’s most significant historical treasures, “The Minster Cathedral.” If you have time, please stop by some of our quaint independent shops located throughout this historic destination, such as The Shambles pictures.


  • Trip of Africa (Route) 

An 8-hour road trip following the N2 takes you from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. It’s more famously known as the Garden Route and passes through Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape Province, and Knysna. Take your time if you have it to check out some of the small villages and towns along the way and return later to complete your journey down to Port Elizabeth. The EV will need around two charges, and there are a comforting ten charging locations available along the route.

  • Trip to Italy (Route)

The Rome to Salerno via the A1/E45 is 256 miles long. There are two main stops along the way. One at Capua and another at Caserta – but if you prefer to skip those, you can get off in Naples instead or any other locations where there are electric car charging stations available. The route should take around three hours to finish, and we suggest that you charge up twice during this trip. You will find 59 such locations along your route.


What Should be the Standard of Electric Cars to go on a Road Trip?

It’s essential to test out the distance range you plan to take on a car that interests you. When buying a car, consider only getting one with an appropriate range for the trips you plan to take – don’t get an 80-mile range electric vehicle if you plan on taking 500+ mile road trips regularly. For example, buy something like a BMW i3 94ah (153-mile range). This model isn’t very expensive or hard to find at local dealerships either!


Telling you that electric vehicles are good is an understatement! There’s a reason why this segment of the auto industry has been increasing. The beauty about electrics is that changeover costs for replacing batteries and electronics are dropping to a fraction of what they used to be simply because of new advancements in technology. Today choosing an EV involves looking at those two factors: how long the car’s range is versus the overall cost. Consider a Tesla Model 3 or Chevrolet Bolt if you want to avoid frequent charging stops, but accept spending more money on your vehicle.


Final Thoughts

If you are on trip mode with 20 inch wheels, you should avoid choosing cars like Fiat 500e and electric Mercedes Benz. Because these cars have a 100-mile electric range, this range does not offer an extension option. It means you will have to change often on long journeys. And these cars are not able to go on long journeys if there are no charging points on the routes.

Help is on the way. For those of you with electric vehicles, help has arrived! Last year’s bill to improve our infrastructure includes 7.5 billion dollars supporting wiring parking lots and homes with charging stations, providing four times more than there are currently. That money should allow the production of an estimated 400,000 additional chargers nationwide.

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