Searching for a “Taxi Near Me”: Annoying Things That You Should Not Do

Are you on the lookout of a taxi? Then, you should like to opt for one of the companies that offer premium quality services to their customers. You would...

Are you on the lookout of a taxi? Then, you should like to opt for one of the companies that offer premium quality services to their customers. You would also like to ensure that you get the taxi service at an affordable price.

However, in between, you may forget to consider how to behave with the driver when you are in a taxi. And so, we are here to give you a list of things that you should not do when looking for a taxi near me.

  1. Treating the driver like a servant

Many people whistle at the taxi driver to hail a cab or to draw their attention. However, it is considered to be a disrespectful activity and no driver will appreciate this even they keep silent. These are also customers who enter the car without greeting the driver, only frantically barking orders at him. Starting off this way changes the atmosphere from the very beginning of the ride. If you want to show your polite side, behave properly. Wave down when the car comes at you. And when the driver stops to pick you up, look him in the eye and say hello. The driver will appreciate your gesture and greet you.

  1. Behaving as a backseat driver

Imagine someone coming to your job, looking over your shoulder, and keep instructing you what to do and what not to do all day long. Would you appreciate it? Obviously, not? That’s what it feels like to a cab driver when passengers holler turn-by-turn directions from the back of the car, oftentimes at the last second. It is the responsibility of the driver to know the fastest route to the destination, and if they don’t know it and ask about this, then only you can suggest something to them. In case, you want the driver to take a specific route, mention this when booking the car. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut and allow him to do his or her job.

  1. Asking the driver to break the law

Obviously, you want to reach your destination quickly. And obviously, you would like to do so while paying less for your taxi ride. But under no circumstances, you should insist the taxi driver break the law of the road to reach your destined location faster – whether that means speeding through a red light, going around a roadblock, or going past the speed limit. The stakes are high for cab drivers caught breaking the law. To avoid this, always plan ahead, to get to the airport or your office to attend the meeting. Moreover, understand that legal stops are all part of the typical cab fare.

  1. You are the way to drunk

Intoxicated people are always suggested not to get behind the wheel themselves and choose any transportation option. But taxi drivers hate it when riders are so drunk that they vomit in the car, fall asleep, or otherwise can’t function. No driver likes to have an intolerable and intoxicated passenger. You can drink but always be in your limit and if you are drunk, ride with a non-drunked person in the car.

  1. You are a lousy tripper

Driving a cab is not exactly a money-spinning career. Actually, it is quite problematic from a financial standpoint. Some of the time, they don’t get the salary that they desire. In such a condition, the tips that passengers pay them, help them a lot. Many customers don’t tip or leave an insulting low tip- pocket change, for instance. When giving tips, you should pay a good tip based on the kind of ride you experience.

Whether you book a taxi in Reading or somewhere else, always be nice to your cab driver. Don’t trash his car, underpay or behave rudely. Your behaviour defines who you are. So, be polite and be gentle while riding in a taxi.

Author bio: Samuel Pitter is a blogger on taxi in Reading. In this write-up, he has pointed out a few things that you should avoid doing when riding in a taxi. Even if you are searching for a “taxi near me”, you should keep these things in mind.

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