Salient Features of the ‘20’ Series Number Plates You Must Know

The concept of registration plate formats first came into force in 1903 in the UK. There have been numerous changes since then in the format of number plates. The...
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The concept of registration plate formats first came into force in 1903 in the UK. There have been numerous changes since then in the format of number plates. The new registrations are released bi-annually. You are already aware that in the UK, registrations are released in two six-month periods annually. The registration bears the year date as two digits in the first selection of plates.

Let’s understand this with an example.

The first plate released in 2018 had the digits ‘19’ after the first two characters. In the case of the second release of the year, add 50, meaning the digits are ‘69’. This rule is being followed for all the registration number plates from 2010 to 2029.

Buy personalized registration number:

Before going further, it is essential to understand why you need to purchase these personalized number plates. It’s simple, the number plate is automatically allotted, and there is no scope for you to choose your preferred combination of letters and numbers. However, you can do this as per your preferences by buying a private registration number for which you are required to pay the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) as per norms. You can purchase personalized numbers online or at an auction. The Regional Transport Office (RTO) will issue a unique alphanumerical registration ID once your car documentation is processed.

However, it may not be as easy as it sounds to keep track of the developments as there are various aspects. You can take the help of professional people who can not only help you to keep posted with the latest information regarding the release but also help you to buy the number of your preference even before anybody else comes to know about it.

These professionals are efficient in their work. They can even help you to bag the number that you might have come across that is yet to be released. Just tell them and relax, they will keep an eye on the registration number and will ensure that you get the number.

No win, no fee offer:

These private plate dealers are experienced and professional who offers a modest budget to their clients. Suppose you have hired them to pick up a particular number and they fail to meet your expectations (though rarely), they will return the deposit. This is a perfect example of a ‘no win, no fee’ guarantee offer since you have nothing to lose.

So, please do not waste your time as someone like you may also be planning the number or combination that you are mulling over. Tell these dealers about your preferences and let them do their work. These dealers are well equipped with a workforce who can track the numbers till you get it.

On average, these private number plate dealers have a vast database comprising of UK registrations that runs into millions of registration combinations. Their list includes unissued Government stock and registrations from private sellers apart from their own range of stock plates.

Feature of ’20 series’ plates:

If you register your car after March 2020, then you will have number plates with the new ’20’ series that will be in use till August 2020. Those registering after this date will be given a “70” number plate design with a “21” plate set to launch in March 2021.

2021 vehicles debut by 2020 spring:

There is a possibility to see some of the 2021 vehicles for sale available in the market by 2020 spring.

Some of the future number registration:

Age identifier – 20 Series

Release date – 01/03/2020

Age identifier – 21 Series

Release date – 01/03/2021

Age identifier – 22 Series

Release date – 01/03/2022

Age identifier – 23 Series

Release date – 01/03/2023

Age identifier – 24 Series

Release date – 01/03/2024

Age identifier – 25 Series

Release date – 01/03/2025

If you are interested in getting a personalized registration number plate, then hire one of these number plate dealers who will help you to secure the desired number. You have nothing to lose since these professionals offer you no win, no fee, that means if they miss the number, then you will get the money back. However, they are well equipped and efficient.

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