Suggestions for Truck Drivers to Obey in Winter

Accidents that happened over the years linking commercial trucks bestow you a different set of issues than normal automobile accidents. Specialized truck accident lawyers handle these types of cases....
Truck accident lawyer

Accidents that happened over the years linking commercial trucks bestow you a different set of issues than normal automobile accidents. Specialized truck accident lawyers handle these types of cases.

In this article, we have accumulated some expert advice for the drivers, especially semi-truck drivers, on how to handle during snowfall and prevent a fatality.

In a harsh stormy winter, using your intelligence is the best tool. If you go out, make sure to carry an emergency kit, some warm blankets, and rations in the truck.

1. Breath slowly and stay calm:

When you are driving, don’t panic during an emergency. People tend to overreact, which is wrong. Breathe slowly, remain calm, and maintain your focus.

2. Take actions smoothly:

It will help if you control your actions. Sudden braking, hard acceleration, and sharp curves decrease traction. To maintain a constant speed, be gentle with steering, go easy on brakes, and keep a safe distance between the truck and other vehicles on the same road.

3. Use Signals:

For changing lanes, here’s a trucker’s rule of thumb:

  • For dry or rainy weather: 3 (three) blinks
  • For winter weather 4 (four) or (5) five blinks

After giving signals, move at a slow speed.

If you are driving your truck slower than the traffic around you, then turn on your four-way hazards. It will let other drivers know that your vehicle is going slower than theirs and help prevent any kind of pileup.

Also, drive fast as per your capacity, and if you are out of practice on snow and ice-laden road, slow down your truck.

4. Cold weather driving risk:

On the snowy, wet roads, when the temperatures are between 22 and 35 degrees, you will be facing the highest risk of losing traction, rather than a colder temperature like 10 to 20 degrees or less. For example, let’s take two ice cubes, then place one in a glass of water, and the other one into the deep freezer for 30 mins. After that, try picking the cube that was in the glass of water. You will notice that it to be slippery. Now, bring the other ice cube from the freezer. You will see that the cube is sticking to your fingers a bit.

The same thing applies here. The ice is almost sticky in the extreme cold. However, as slower and heavier traffic generates more heat, the surface ice gets melted and becomes slippery, decreasing the traction.

Appoint a lawyer:

If a truck wreck has injured anyone from your family or someone you know, you must approach a local truck accident lawyer who specializes in dealing with such cases. You have legal rights to get compensated for your injuries and loss. But, unfortunately, truck companies and their owners are super rich, and they will try every possible and in some cases, illegal ways to stop you from filing a case against them. They will try not to pay you a large amount of money that you deserve.

Again, the truck accident, in most cases, involves more than one party to be blamed. It can make an ordinary citizen get confused about whom to protest against. As the victim is already going through a lot of traumas due to the catastrophe, it may not be possible for the individual to fight against the big troop of guilt party. Hence, it is crucial to get a truck wreck attorney as soon as possible.

Many law firms are eager to help clients without any fee as they believe that without winning the lawsuit, there is no point in taking money from a person who has already suffered a lot. Besides, the lawyers are acquainted with all the related aspects that are required to win a case.

If you are still in doubt, do a little research online. You will get several law firms’ websites. Study them. Get their contact details. Call them. Have an initial discussion. Tell your problems. If you are admitted to a hospital, let your relatives or friends do the needful. It would be best if you did not tolerate any nonsense that has happened to you due to a negligent truck driver. Also, truck drivers have their own set of laws. Drivers can file case or complaint in the court of law if any mishap occurred to them because of others and get justice as well as compensation. Truck accident lawyers are the only solution for both parties.

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