Beware! You can lose your private number plate

Different people take private number plates as various things like some individuals consider it as a symbol of status. Again, some individuals take it as a reason to be...
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Different people take private number plates as various things like some individuals consider it as a symbol of status. Again, some individuals take it as a reason to be proud of. Some people just want to stand out of the crowd. Most importantly, there are investors who love to invest in private number plates because of the great price they are going to get in the future.

As per the present law, the digits and letters of the number plate are not truly yours. You can think why are you spending lots of money on a private number plate?

Let us answer it.

You are actually paying the fee for displaying the personalized number plate on your personal vehicle. If you misuse the right, you may lose that private number plate.

Plymouth Herald published an article once. As per the article, three drivers have been stopped each week in 12 months because they were displaying illegal number plates. The nature of the present law can increase the number of cases.

If you don’t want to get caught and lose your private number plate, know these things:

What makes a number plate illegal?

If the number plate boasts mis-spaced letters and numbers

If the number plate was originally C343 CBA and you alter it to C343C BA, then the law is broken.

What punishment can you get as owners of illegal number plates?

After stopping you for carrying illegal number plates, the police will get in touch with the DVLA to inform you about your private number plate. If the DVLA informs the police that you have already been reported earlier, the current number plate will be immediately removed from your vehicle. Also, you may have to pay a fine that can be up to £1,000. Your car will fail the MOT test automatically.

How can you stay clear of losing your private number plate?

You must know the rules stated by the DVLA:

If the number plate was attached from September 1, 2001, it denotes that the registration numbers are not allowed to be written over three lines. If the vehicle you are using is manufactured before January 1, 1973, or 1976, then you don’t have to follow this rule.

Again, if your personal vehicle is a solid part of the historic tax class and it is exempted from vehicle tax, the rules are not applicable.

If you have bought the private number plate on September 1, 2001, and after, then you must be sure that the number plate meets the given standards:

  • The characters of the number plate should be 79 mm tall.
  • Each of the characters should be 50 mm wide (excluding number ‘1’ and letter ‘I’)
  • The character stroke or black print should be 14 mm thick.
  • 11mm spacing must be there in between the characters.
  • 33mm space should be there in between the random alphabets and the age identifier.
  • 11mm margins must be kept at the top, side, and bottom.
  • There should be a vertical gap of 19mm between random numbers and age identifier.
  • If you break the law of the DVLA, your number plate can be taken from you anytime.

Follow these rules to assign a private number plate to your car without facing any problem:

  1. Retention document or V778
  2. Certificate of entitlement or V750
  3. Online reference number

Things you cannot do:

  1. Assign a private number that starts with Q or NIQ
  2. Put a personalized number on a Q registered vehicle
  3. Make use of a private number that makes a car look newer (example:- ‘07’ registration number attached to a 2003 registered car)

The vehicle is supposed to match the following rules:

  • It should be registered with the DVLA
  • It must be capable of moving under its own power
  • It should be of a particular type that requires an MOT or an HGV test certificate
  • It must be taxed
  • It must have a SORN in place for 5 years continuously
  • The vehicle should be available for inspection

The DVLA will check your particular application. If your vehicle requires an inspection, the DVLA will contact you. Always follow the rules to avoid any mishap and be safe from wrongdoers.

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