8 Things We Can Do To Help The Planet

We all have a responsibility to ensure that we look after the planet. If we do not, then we are going to run out of resources, and we are...
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We all have a responsibility to ensure that we look after the planet. If we do not, then we are going to run out of resources, and we are going to pose serious health risks to anyone that lives near landfills and such like, amongst many other issues. This is why we all need to make little changes to ensure we are being greener. With that being said, in this post, we are going to take a look at seven simple things everyone can do to help the planet. So, read on to discover more.

  1. Don’t throw away your old phone when you buy a new model – Have you recently upgraded your phone to the newest iPhone? With most mobile phone companies offering upgrades every two years, and people having a desire to keep up to date with the latest trends, old phones often get chucked away when they are in perfectly fine condition. E-waste is a major problem. So, instead, donate your phone to someone who needs it or sell it.
  2. Reuse plastic bottles – This is one simple change that everyone can make. Instead of throwing away plastic bottles, wash them out and use them again. Plastic can take hundreds of years to biodegrade, plastic bottles are shipped around in vehicles that give off a huge amount of carbon, and oil is used to manufacture such bottles.
  3. Don’t leave your chargers plugged in – This is something a lot of people are guilty of. Even if the socket is turned off, it will continue to use a small amount of electricity. So, make sure you take all plugs out of the socket whenever you turn them off.
  4. Reuse plastic bags – With the 5p charge on plastic bags in the UK now, more and more people are opting to reuse their shopping bags, and rightly so. Did you know that in the world’s oceans there are more than five trillion pieces of plastic? This is wreaking havoc on the food chain and strangling lots of sea animals.
  5. Switch to an electric car – Another way to help the environment is with electric car hire. The benefit of electric car hire is two-fold; the car itself is more environmentally friendly, and you only use this service as and when you need it.
  6. Buy second-hand items – There is nothing wrong with buying second-hand items, in fact, you will save a considerable chunk of money. You will also be helping the environment too. A recent report concluded that between now and 2020 we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the UK by around four million tonnes of CO2 annually if we bought second-hand items.
  7. Invest a bike – There are many benefits to gain by purchasing a bike. You will live longer and keep fit while there is also the benefit of no emissions as there is no use of fuel. This is something we should be encouraging in the UK, as bicycle use is one of the lowest in the EU.

Throw fewer things away – Last but not least, whenever you go to throw something in the bin, ask yourself if this could go in a recycling bin, or if there is another use for it, i.e. either donating or selling the item.

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