Few Unknown Rules Attached to Private Number Plates that you Must Know

Motorists can buy DVLA personalized number plates starting from a mere £250 approximately. The more unique the plate is, the higher the price is set. The desperate auctioneers bid...
Personalized Number Plates

Motorists can buy DVLA personalized number plates starting from a mere £250 approximately. The more unique the plate is, the higher the price is set. The desperate auctioneers bid huge amounts for the rare registration plates. In 2014, a hefty sum of £400,000 was paid for a number plate displaying ‘25 O’. The car owners can buy a less unique plate shedding an affordable price that can be attached to the vehicles within a little span of time.

The drivers have to follow strict rules and regulations:

Certain restrictions allotted to the old cars:

  • Over the years, the DVLA registration number plates have encountered many changes that restricted the older vehicles to use specific plates.
  • In case, the private number plate contains an age identifier, the owner can put a number plate that displays an equal age or newer age.
  • As per the DVLA website, if one buys a 62 style registration plate, it can be attached to a vehicle that was newly registered on or after 2012’s September 1.
  • The car should be registered in the UK. In order to attach a private number plate onto a car, the drivers should show that the particular car is registered in their own name or the name of a specific nominee.

After the purchasing of a number plate, the details are noted down by the DVLA. The nominee’s name is also taken if the concerned car is not registered with themselves. As per a confirmation delivered by the DVLA, the personalized number plates that are sold by them can be assigned to the cars which are registered in Northern Ireland and Great Britain. The cars that are registered in the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands are not privileged.

The car should be properly taxed:

The driver has to make sure that his/her car has enough tax so that he/she can assign a personalized number plate to the specific car. If the vehicle is not in use, then it should contain a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) during the acceptance of the application.

Rules adhered to the number plates:

  • The personalized registration plates should stick to the current rules stated for the standard registration number plates.
  • As per the government’s advice, the number of plates should be built from reflective material. They must not contain any background pattern.
  • At the front, the characters must be shown on a white background, and at the rear, the background must be yellow.
  • The 3D characters can be utilised on the plate if they are in the right font.

In case a person possessing the right to the number plate expires:

If you are the executor after the owner’s death, you can:

  • Retain the DVLA registration number
  • Transfer it to another car
  • Put another person’s name as a nominee
  • Give up the right concerning the use of the particular number and apply for repaying

How to prove that you possess the legal right?

The DVLA will ask for the death certificate’s original, or, a certified copy. They will demand the will’s copy, probate’s certified copy, and a letter issued by the solicitor confirming the executor.

You can give up the right concerning using the private number:

If you take the decision of not assigning a particular personalized number that you rightfully possess. In that case, you can get a refund of £80. This amount is related to the fee you paid during your first purchasing of the number, and during the taking off the number from the car.

You can apply for the repayment if the specific number is not assigned to a car even after paying the fee, or, you possess the current V750 or V778.

If you do not possess V778 or V750:

  • You have to send the documents that can prove your legal right for using the number.
  • You have to deposit a covering letter that contains the executor’s signature confirming that you don’t possess the documents of the vehicle along with the explanation concerning your motive for the private registration.

In case the registration number is already assigned, you have to use:

  • Form V317
  • The new style log book’s section 2
  • The old-style log book’s section 6

Don’t forget to submit the details of the person who is eligible for the transfer of the registration number.

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