Do You Want to Keep Your Private Number Plate?

  Many of you may wish to keep the personalized number plate even if you decide to sell your car holding it. Private number plates are a passion for...
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Many of you may wish to keep the personalized number plate even if you decide to sell your car holding it. Private number plates are a passion for most of the people. That is why they don’t want to be apart from a particular plate even after scrapping their cars.

You can keep the number plate. Fill a V317 form. You will get it on the government’s website for notifying the authorities that the specific plate is going to be taken off from the distinct vehicle. Keeping the number plate is easy providing your vehicle is registered with the DVLA and can maneuver under its own power. It should be properly taxed and contains a SORN continuously for the last five years.

The DVLA will occasionally decide to inspect the car prior to removal of the number plate. You will be informed timely.

How can you keep the personalized number plate?

Just fill out the form you will get to see on the government’s website for removing the plate from the car bearing it. Certain circumstances are taken into consideration like the death of the plate owner. In this case, you have to apply for the change by post. You will receive a lot of options asking what you wish to happen to the number after its removal.

The cost you have to pay:

The removal process can cost £80. You have to pay to get a new plate built if needed. If you are shifting your personalized number plate to a new car, you require its V5C registration certificate, or, the V5C/2 new keepers’ section of the earlier possessor’s V5C in case you have bought it.

If you wish to hold on to the private number plate for over 10 years, just send off another application form of V317 to the DVLA after the completion of the 10 years. The renew of its ownership for the next 10 years will be done. It is totally free at present.

Can the personalized number plate be retained without putting it on another vehicle?

Yes, personalized number plates can be retained for up to 10 consecutive years without registering it to another car. Or this, you have to pass the application process for removing the plate. Fill the particular section of the number plate retaining instead of transferring. The cost is the same as £80.

Even, private number plates can be given to someone else. Just mention the name of the person on the application form ‘V317’. It’s necessary if you want to gift the number plate or sell it privately to that person. After the completion of the processing of the application form, V will send a retention document to the new owner which confirms the person’s ownership of the particular plate.

Can an old vehicle keep its original number plate?

Yes, it can. The soon the arrangement for the removal of the personalized number plate is done from the old car, the DVLA will reassign the original registration plate that was attached to that car.

If you are going to sell your old car, you must put the original plate back on the car if you still bear it.

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Can a leased car hold personalized number plate?


The smoothest manner to get a personalized registration plate on to a lease car is to hold back until the delivery. Then, contact the leasing company for arranging the name as the nominee. They will shift the number plate to your leased car.

You must make the necessary arrangement for the removal of the personalized number plate approximately two months before the end of the lease. It is because of the amount of time needed for the processing of the applications.

A financed car can hold a personalized number plate too. You are the registered owner of the specific financed car. Hence, you have the right to apply directly to the DVLA for changing the plate. If you carry a PCP deal that you don’t have any intention to pay the balloon payment on for boasting the car, you have to make arrangement for the ejection of the private registration plate approximately a couple of months before the end of the arrangement.

You can keep your private number plate without any issue if you follow the rules and regulations properly.

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