Changing Private Number Plate on a Leased Car

Nowadays, a personalized number plate is a thing that more people are buying, especially for leased vehicles. Here a question arises: Can a private number plate be attached on...
Changing private number plate

Nowadays, a personalized number plate is a thing that more people are buying, especially for leased vehicles.

Here a question arises:

Can a private number plate be attached on a leased car?

The answer is ‘Yes’.

A private number plate can be attached to a leased car. There are certain steps that are required to be taken before the installation of the number plate.

Firstly, you have to get permission from the specific finance company that has leased the vehicle. That company is the registered keeper of the particular vehicle. After they agree to allow you to change the customized number plate on the leased car, you have to submit some essential documents.

Secondly, if you have purchased a new private number plate that was never registered and used before on any car, you have to fill V750.

Thirdly, if the registration number plate has been registered to any other vehicle earlier, then you have to fill V778 (if the number plate is on retention) or V317.

Fourthly, if the finance provider owns the vehicle, you have to fill V750 and V778. Change the nominee’s name. It indicates that another person or company has the right to use the registration of the DVLA. You can do it via post or online.

Fifthly, you have to pay the administration fee for the paperwork. This can be something in between £25 and £100. After the payment is done, your finance provider will submit the documents to the DVLA for the paperwork’s processing.

After the new registration number is assigned to your car by the DVLA, you will get back your paperwork from them. At this point, you are allowed to attach your number plate on the leased car. Do not fit the number plate before you get the written confirmation from the DVLA. Otherwise, you have to give a hefty fine.

V750 Form:

Whenever you purchase a new personalized registration number plate, you will get a V750 form. This form is a type of document that is proof that the particular number plate that you have purchased has never been on a vehicle earlier at any point in time. Preserve this document carefully.

V317 Form:

This form is required to be filled when transferring a particular vehicle registration takes place from one car to another. If you have a leased car, you require V317 for putting the number plate onto retention. This is because the normal transfer is not possible.

What does retention indicate?

Retention indicates the owner of the private registration number still owns it, but he or she is not interested in attaching that number to a new car directly.

V778 form:

V778 form is also known as Retention form. You will get this form when you approach the DVLA for removing your customized number plate from your present car without directly placing it on another car. The DVLA uses V778 when a private registration number plate has been detached from a particular car.

Ways to remove a private number plate from a vehicle:

You have to give the vehicle back after the lease period ends. If you are not interested to take the private number plate back, the finance company won’t collect the motor vehicle if the plate is still not removed. You must de-register the number plate from the leased vehicle.

Get in contact with your finance provider 6 weeks before the finishing of the lease. The finance provider will arrange for sending V317 and logbook of the vehicle to the DVLA via post. You have to pay a transfer fee of £80. This is to pay the DVLA. Your finance company can charge an amount from you for removing the number plate.

After the processing of the documentation, the finance provider will get a new logbook from the DVLA. It will display the original registration number and the V778 retention document that is supposed to be issued back. You have the right to use the V778 for reissuing the private number plate to another vehicle.

If you are going to buy a car after the lease ends, there won’t be any requirement of changing the private number plate because the car will be yours. Also, the DVLA has recorded that the number plate is already attached to the car.

Suggestion: Get the logbook of the vehicle from the finance provider without fail. The entire process will take 6 weeks to complete. Be patient.

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