Buying A Used Truck – Beware Of The Pros And Cons To Avoid Any Mishap

Purchasing a used truck can get quite tricky indeed. The practice can save you a whole lot of bucks in the process which is something undeniable indeed but everything...
Buying A Used Truc

Purchasing a used truck can get quite tricky indeed. The practice can save you a whole lot of bucks in the process which is something undeniable indeed but everything might not be so good as you think it is. In fact, the purchase of a used truck brings with a significant amount of upsides and downsides.

We’ll discuss all these pros and cons in greater detail in this article. It’s advisable for you to weigh the pros and cons individually with one another and then take your decision wisely. Let’s begin.

The Pros

  • Reduced cost

Let’s start with the most obvious ones at the start. Trucks are costly. Even if you go for a brand new Dodge Ram 1500 for your heavy-duty purposes, the expenses involved can burn a massive hole in your pocket.

So, if you are on a tight budget, the purchase of a used truck can do you more good than harm, provided you do all the inspections carefully to avoid any truck accident.

  • Low sales tax or even zero sales tax

Many state laws may subject your new truck (in case you go for a new one) to their respective sales tax, but they seldom do it when there’s a used truck involved in it.

For example, In Georgia, you won’t be subjected to any sales tax at all if you purchase the truck from a private seller.  So naturally, this is a benefit that cannot be overlooked for sure.

  • Useless extras cease to be a problem anymore

Yep, that sunroof does cost a lot and is definitely unnecessary to you as far as your heavy-duty truck is concerned. But there’s no choice. The feature comes inbuilt with your new truck and hence, you have to shed out a few extra bucks to accept the feature in your vehicle.

Annoying; isn’t it? You seemingly have no option there especially when the truck involved is a brand new one straight from the showroom.

That problem will seldom exist if you go for a used car purchase. The reason is pretty simple. You’ll be paying for only those features you want and not for the ones you don’t. You have plenty of choices here. So definitely no extras! Thus, you’ll definitely be able to save a whole lot of money in the process; something that’s more than guaranteed as far as a used car sale is concerned.

The Cons  

  • Previous owner’s misuse

The possibility of misuse as far as a used truck is concerned is honestly off the roofs.

Do you actually know how the truck was treated by the previous owner? Did it actually come in contact with any accident? Is there any damage incurred on its intricate parts inside? You need to get quick and honest answers to these questions before you take the vehicle home for your job.

It might be very possible that the dealer is papering over the cracks to sell the truck to you at an attractive price because he’s got nothing to lose. But you, my friend, on the other hand, have several things lose if things go sour for you.

So the advice is to research the used vehicle thoroughly. If possible, get it checked by a professional especially the inside parts of the truck before you go ahead and close the deal with your vehicle dealer.

  • No warranty

This one’s definitely one of the biggest downsides of a used truck purchase; there’s almost no doubt about it.

Used trucks seldom come with a warranty. And no warranty guarantees more headache in case you are struck with a few repairing issues at the start itself. And do remember that replacements and repairing is an expensive piece of business indeed. So make your decision wisely.

P.S. Not all used trucks come without a warranty. If you go for a certified used truck purchase, you will be provided with a warranty for a certain time frame.

So that’s it then. It’s time we bring this discussion to a close for now. Hope you find the article handy enough for your used truck purchase. Drive safely – Good luck!

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