Why BMW Routine Service?

Maintaining a vehicle is a big responsibility; as an owner of a car, you are responsible for the maintenance and health of your car’s engine. Your vehicle needs regular...
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Maintaining a vehicle is a big responsibility; as an owner of a car, you are responsible for the maintenance and health of your car’s engine. Your vehicle needs regular care for long engine life, consistent and best performance.

A vehicle is like a set of different systems and subsystems; to perform efficiently; these systems must be in perfect working order. These systems are interconnected and work together. If one component is not in order, the dependent parts fail or don’t give desired performance.

It is critical to monitor these parts’ condition; lubrication of the engine parts is also necessary for maintaining engine health. Core engine parts need proper lubrication to deliver expected performances. If the level of fluids and lubrication is inadequate, the components will take excessive wear and tear that cause severe damage to the engine.

Experts recommend constant flush and exchange of oils and lubricants in the engine at regular intervals; they also recommend cleaning air filters etc., during this periodic service. Following the recommendations of the mechanics and properly maintaining a car enhances its service life.

Following the routine service;  minimizes the need for repair and helps you avoid unexpected car troubles.

The BMW Service Schedule

Every engine and car model is different from others in various aspects, and they have varying servicing requirements. Generally, there is not much difference though the baseline is almost similar with slight variation.

We at GermanAutocare follow BMW’s suggested schedules of maintenance for their remarkable vehicles.  GermanAutocare has vast experience in BMW servicing Dubai.

Always refer to the owner’s manual or call for GermanAutocare BMW Repair Dubai service for guidance when you are uncertain about the vehicle service or repair issues. BMW cars feature the CBS system (Condition Based Services) that alerts you through the dash screen if a scheduled service is due.

Oil Changes

BMW vehicles require an oil change after every 5,000 miles. BMW claims longer oil change intervals for its newer vehicles; for better engine care, perform an oil change more frequently than recommended.

The BMW’s high-performance engine contains a Vanos oil distribution system. If you perform an oil change as recommended, the system will rarely develop any issues. If you don’t follow the oil change schedule, the Positive Crank Ventilation system will have to bear high pressures due to the higher volume of combustion gases and excessive heat. The lack of oil in the engine will lead to excessive oil consumption.

Engine Inspections

BMW alerts for a full inspection of the vehicle approximately every 20,000 miles, BMW car alerts via the Conditions Based System when due.

Full BMW inspection takes about an hour. This inspection is relatively more thorough and complicated than a visual inspection.

Air Filters

The engine intakes clean air through air filters; if the air filter is choked and clogged with dust, then the air intake can be reduced, which will affect fuel combustion adversely. Maintaining clean air filters is very important for efficient cars.

BMW’s recommendation for changing the air and cabin filters is about every 20,000 miles.  At GermanAutocare, we inspect these filters at every service to check the physical condition and health of the filters to ascertain if they need replacing them solely upon the mileage.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are indispensible in the engine running and are instrumental to combustion.  Worn and fouled spark plugs misfire and will not ignite the fire properly. The misfiring spark plugs can damage the catalytic converter; replacing a catalytic converter is very expensive. The following spark plug replacement schedule is the better way to avoid other damages your BMW may take.

Un-scheduled BMW Service & Repairs

Besides scheduled maintenance, other non-scheduled services like tire alignments, intake carbon cleaning, and other services related; to the wear of items and parts like brakes, suspension, components.

GermanAutocare performs all kinds of scheduled and non-scheduled services. They also offer Porsche repair Dubai service and perform Volkswagen servicing Dubai.

They also provide Ferrari Repair Dubai Service and Bentley Repair Dubai Service. GermanAutocare performs satisfactory and complete vehicle inspections and repair services for all other popular car brands. GermanAutocare has a dedicated Mercedes Service Center where our competent Engineers and technicians service Mercedes vehicles in the state-of-the-art facility.

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