What You Need To Know About Ford Fiesta Mk6

The Ford Fiesta Mk6 is one of the most opted for vehicles in Britain. It has been produced in huge varieties with changes in design, shape, and model and...

The Ford Fiesta Mk6 is one of the most opted for vehicles in Britain. It has been produced in huge varieties with changes in design, shape, and model and has offered the performance that people need. It comes with low running costs, which make it an affordable choice. Here’s what you need to know more about Ford Fiesta Mk6:


The Ford Fiesta Mk6 came in 2002 and had a chiselled boxy shape with a petrol engine as well as a diesel engine. In 2003, the Ford Fiesta Mk6 featured Fiesta Flame and Fiesta Black special editions. Later in 2004, the Fiesta ST hatchback was the one that took to the market. While keeping an eye on the fuel economy, the Zetec S model was launched in 2005. The interiors and exteriors were changed in 2006 when the new models got raised indicators, changed interiors and exteriors, and clear headlights.

Why Does It Appeal?

As highlighted earlier, the Ford Fiesta Mk6 comes with an affordable running cost. You get 1.3, 1.4, and 1.6-litre petrol engines that make it easier for driving with fuel economy. Apart from that, you can get almost all the parts of this car in the market. From Ford Fiesta Mk6 exhaust system to mirrors, rims, hood, etc. all these parts are available in access. Moreover, these are affordable, and you can easily get them from Ford or any independent garage.

Apart from that, the vehicle is sturdy, and you do get a fair share of the workforce from it. Picking up the 1.25-litre with Zetec trim will give the best performance and comfort that one wants during driving. From a high-end air conditioning system to comfort and style integrated seating and alloy wheels, you can expect to have a comfortable experience while driving this car.

Also, if you’re looking to go for long distances, then it is better to pick the 1.4-litre diesel engine Ford Fiesta Mk6. This gives you an economy of 60mpg and plenty of workforces that will ensure a reliable pull. The Fiesta ST comes with a great appeal and grip that will allow you to cruise your way through country B roads. However, it does come with a fallback due to its short ratio five-speed gearbox that would grind on the motorway.

Running Costs

Before buying the car, you need to know about the running costs of the car. As highlighted, the Fiesta ST will be the one that will take the most toll on your wallet. The 33mpg and 177g/km of CO2 will add to the annual tax bill with £240. On the other hand, the Ford Fiesta Mk6 with 1.25-litre petrol costs around £150 each year based on 148g/km of CO2 which is half the current 1liter EcoBoost.

Besides, the 1.4liter petrol Ford Fiesta Mk6 will come with mid economy costs, resulting in around £190 annually for tax bills. However, taking the 1.4-litre diesel will come with an annual bill that is cheaper than a restaurant meal.

As for the service charges, you need to get your Fiesta tuned after a year or every 12, 500 miles. The cost for the service charge will lie around £150- £250, depending upon minor or major service you need.

What To Look Out For?

There are some factors that you need to look out for. Make sure that the carpets and mats aren’t wet as mould infestation can occur in no time. If this happens make sure that there’s no water seal or air conditioning leak. The warning lights should illuminate and extinguish immediately when the ignition is run. In case any light stays on, get it checked to know the issue.

If you’re opting for a three-door Fiesta MK6, then ensure that front seats tilt and slide easily and smoothly. This is important since the mechanism is prone to failure. While driving, ensure to run it over bumps so that you may know how well the suspension is working.

Final Note

The Ford Fiesta Mk6 is an affordable car to drive with cheap insurance and easily available parts in the market. It also comes within used cars and can easily be chosen for individual or family needs.

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