What if you Get hit by a Speeding Truck?

Speeding out of control is one of the typical reasons for road accidents. Often, we see motor vehicles overtaking each other or speeding excessively beyond recommended limit. Speeding results...
hit by a speeding truck

Speeding out of control is one of the typical reasons for road accidents. Often, we see motor vehicles overtaking each other or speeding excessively beyond recommended limit. Speeding results in fatal accidents involving death, loss of property, and severe injuries that can persist for a lifetime.

The best Texas truck accident lawyer is the ideal person who can punish a speeding driver, the main culprit behind a massive accident.

Speeding truck drivers are the source of deadly crashes.

A speeding truck is difficult to stop suddenly to avoid an accident. Drivers find it complicated to identify any potential hazard and control the truck. Again, certain roads are not okay for fast driving. So, if a driver increases the commercial truck’s speed on these roads, the chances of crash increase manifold. Besides, a speed limit is recommended in congested localities. But, often drivers don’t follow the instruction and exceed the vehicle’s speed resulting in a collision.

Trucks weighing up to 80,000 pounds are difficult to stop. The massive weight tends to push the truck forward consistently. So, trucks require more space to slow down because of the momentum. Truck drivers who do not pay heed to the recommended speed find it harder to stop on time. It often leads to a catastrophic accident.

Certain guidelines are there for truck drivers.

  • Truck drivers should not operate a commercial truck at a speed that is greater or less than recommended depending upon surface, traffic, road width, and other specific conditions.
  • They must stop trucks, keeping a clear distance from other vehicles.
  • They must not surpass the speed limit that is often posted in specific zones temporarily.
  • State laws define specific speed limits for different zones, especially where there is no mention of the maximum speed limit. For instance, 15 mph is the speed limit for alleyways that come within municipalities. Again, 20 mph is the limit for school areas, 50 mph for expressways, highways, state routes within municipalities, and so on.

Truck drivers should not violate these speed limits. Otherwise, both trucks and other vehicles sharing the same road may fall in danger. The limits are spared to some extent when the weather remains favorable and during light and moderate traffic. Still, drivers should operate the truck at a speed that is safe for the road and people and vehicles moving on that road. If they exceed the speed limit even after seeing signboards mentioning ongoing construction or any other issues, then they would be ticketed.

Not only this, truck drivers must operate the truck at a slower speed if the weather is not favorable, an accident has occurred, heavy traffic, or any unexpected sudden problems.

Speeding unnecessarily is a definite sign of negligence:

  • Driving a commercial truck vast in size and weight at an excessive speed is definitely a sign of negligence. Many times, truck drivers want to earn more money by doing double-shift. So, they try to deliver the cargo to the destination before the deadline. Therefore, they increase the truck’s speed to reach there.
  • Next, it also happens that due to traffic and other adverse conditions, truck drivers speed up the truck for meeting deadlines. Otherwise, they may have to accept punishment for reaching late. To avoid it, they drive breaking traffic rules.
  • Alcohol and drugs can influence a truck driver to drive fast. Truck drivers may consume alcohol or any medicine that has a bad influence on them. It may manipulate the drivers to drive without control.
  • Distraction is another cause of speeding. Often, drivers get distracted by phone calls, hoardings, etc., while driving. It leads to a serious accident.
  • Drivers hoping to earn more money often avoid taking needed rest during duty breaks. They do shifts back to back and speed up the massive vehicle for finishing a shift fast. The result is an accident.

The best Texas truck accident lawyer can prove the driver’s negligence.

If a victim approaches the best Texas truck accident lawyer for getting justice, the truck driver’s rash driving can be proved in court. A negligent driver causing serious harm to the public and their properties shouldn’t be spared. The sufferer must get maximum compensation to cover the damages. There is no recovery of emotional pain, but at least physical and materialistic loss can be compensated.

Few authentic law firms in Texas understand the pain and suffering of truck accident victims, and hence they don’t take money until they win a case. The concerned lawyer checks all details thoroughly and drafts the case. Without the best Texas truck accident lawyer, the victims cannot move on receiving proper repayment, and start life afresh. Hence, without wasting time, any truck accident sufferer or his/her family must talk to an attorney soon after the crash.

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