Top Things to Avoid When Using Private Number Plates

More and more people are looking to purchase private number plates in recent times. There are plenty of reasons why people want to get personalized number plates for their...
Avoid Changing the Colour

More and more people are looking to purchase private number plates in recent times. There are plenty of reasons why people want to get personalized number plates for their vehicles. While some people get it to stand out and flaunt their unique number plate, others use it to hide the real age of their car. Yet some other people consider availing of the private number plates as a significant investment. They believe that selling such number plates in the future can provide them with a huge profit.

However, there are certain rules and laws relating to private number plates that you need to abide by. Here are some of the important things that you must avoid while using personalized number plates.

Avoid Changing the Colour

A number of people have the perception that they can change the colour of the personalized number plate as per their choice. However, it is not true at all! There are certain rules relating to the colour of the number plates, and you cannot change them. For instance, as per UK laws, the front number plate of your vehicle must have a white background, and the characters should be in black colour.

On the other hand, the rear number plate must have the characters displayed in black against a yellow background. These rules are fixed. That means you need to follow these rules and must not change the colour of your number plate. In case you change the colour, you are likely to pay a heavy fine when caught by the police.

Avoid Adding Screws

In order to change the look and feel of the private number plates, you might be thinking of adding bolts or screws. However, a point to note here is that it is not legally acceptable. The law in the UK has a strict format for personalized number plates. If you try messing with that format, you are likely to face legal consequences. You may have to pay fines, or stricter action may be taken against you. So, make sure not to get into legal trouble just for the sake of changing the look of your private number plate.

Avoid Moving the Number Plate

Having a number plate is just not enough. Even if the colour, as well as format of your number plate, is correct, you can be fined if it is not placed in the right place. So, the placement of your private number plate also matters. You simply cannot move the number plate to the windows or other areas of your car as per your preference. Instead, it needs to be fixed in the provided space only. In case of wrong placement, you may have to pay a hefty fine amount. So, if you do not want to pay the fine, make sure to fix your number in the right place.

Avoid Losing the Number Plate

Private number plates are a prized possession for people. Moreover, people also invest a huge amount in order to buy these number plates. So, in general, no one would like to lose their number plates intentionally. However, in accidents, there are chances that your number plate may fall off. This can land you up in legal trouble.

Therefore, make sure to be a little extra careful when using the private number plates. Before starting your journey, it is important to check whether your number is properly in its place or not. If it is in its position, you are good to start your journey. But if it is missing, make sure to resolve the issue and add a new number plate before rolling your car on the road.

Avoid Using a Number Plate without Registration

Number Plate without Registration

Many people are of the belief that once they purchase private number plates, they can mount them anytime on the car. However, it does not work that way. In order to mount the number plate on your vehicle, you will have to register it first. In case you are driving a car with an unregistered number plate, legal actions may be taken against you. You may also have to pay a heavy fine on being caught by the police. So, be patient, get the number plate registered, and then only add it to your car.

Avoid Leaving the Number Plate Dirty

People are super excited when purchasing personalized number plates. However, once they have it, they forget about its maintenance. Not cleaning your number plate and leaving it dirty can result in rusting and damage to the number plate. This, in turn, will result in a significant loss for you.


The craze for personalized number plates is quite high. However, keeping the rules and laws in mind is vital while using these number plates. Now that you know the things to avoid, make sure to avoid them to prevent yourself from the legal consequences.

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