Top 10 Factors Responsible For A Truck Accident

Accidents with big commercial trucks involve multiple sets of issues that only an experienced truck accident attorney will understand. As a general public, it is not always possible to...
Truck Accident

Accidents with big commercial trucks involve multiple sets of issues that only an experienced truck accident attorney will understand. As a general public, it is not always possible to keep everything in mind especially right after the accident, on the spot you have to calm no matter the extent of the wreck: practically which is impossible.

Even if you know everything steps by step it is not possible to keep those in mind, truck accident cases are costly compared to normal automobile accidents, it needs to be investigated properly with all the necessary resources.

Top 10 Truck Accident Factors

In this section of the article, we will highlight the top ten factors, according to The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) involved in a truck accident.

1. Brake issues

2. Traffic flow issue (congestion, bad road conditions, previous accident)

3. Prescribed drug dosage

4. Travelling without speed limit

5. Roadway issues

6. Due to traffic control signals required to stop on the spot

7. Poor knowledge of roadway

8. Illegal drug use

9. Improper surveillance

10. Fatigue or other health conditions

Tools Required for a Successful Truck Accident Case

As we have mentioned earlier, investigating a truck accident case can be time-consuming and a matter of costly affair. Experienced law firms sometimes face a lot of issues while solving those complicated cases; a lot of expenses might be associated to retain expert witnesses. Commercial truck accident cases need to be investigated minutely, one of the first things to do is to examine the postcondition of the truck which provides the necessary details on how the vehicle was being operated during the accident, the truck accident attorney must look diligently to investigate the entire scenario, which is pretty costly and sadly there is no cheap way to do that. An experienced truck attorney knows how to look around and how to handle the entire case to recover maximum compensation.

We have years of experience in recovering millions of dollars for the victims involved in large commercial vehicles. Sometimes due to various factors truck accident cases can become complicated, sometimes you need to follow a different set of avenue to recover the full compensation, we know how to make the truck company responsible for the wreck especially if the truck was improperly loaded with goods, then the entity might be responsible along with the company that has hired the driver. While dealing with a complicated truck accident case, it’s not uncommon to interact with multiple defendants.

Reasons for Truck Accidents

A number of factors can be responsible for the accident:

1. Inexperienced Driver

If the trucking company hired an inexperienced driver who is not aware of the road conditions and handling such big trucks, an accident might take place. The driver must be knowledgeable regarding the speed limit; in most cases, truck drivers have to face the danger of fatigue which can happen as a result of long shifts. In order to make more money drivers often opt for more working hours instead of poor health conditions, this lack of rest can be a reason for dangerous accidents.

2. Improper Truck Loading

Apart from the driver’s negligence, the vehicle can be responsible for the accident; sometimes, trucks are loaded improperly to avoid extra cost and are not supervised properly, which enhances the chances of an accident. Those accidents are dangerous for both the driver and the other party that is involved; it may also cause traumatic brain injuries, bone fractures, damage to the neck, spinal cord, and neurological damage.

3. Poor Health of the Driver

Every time before starting a long route journey truck driver’s health condition must be thoroughly checked by the trucking company, which includes the previous working hours as well, to avoid damage from fatigue. According to the protocol before onboarding on a long journey, the trucking company must run a quick blood test to know whether the driver is on the drug (whether prescribed or illegal). Sometimes poor health conditions of the driver lead to a dangerous wreck.

4. Bad Road Condition

Sometimes poor road conditions lead to accidents of huge commercial trucks, especially when it is loaded. During monsoon, the trucking companies must be careful about the road conditions; in many cases, the insurance company tries to respond to the driver instead of the local government for the wreck. An experienced truck accident attorney will understand how to put an argument to get you compensation for your injuries.

5. Faulty Traffic Signal

Sometimes due to defective or poorly programmed traffic signal serious truck accidents can happen, under the situation, the driver might experience a confusing situation which leads to the vehicle crash in an interception, not only injuring the drivers, passengers, and pedestrians but also can cause death. Sometimes malfunction in the traffic signal is not visible to the drivers, and out of confusion, they take certain steps that lead to an accident. Only an experienced truck accident lawyer will understand the hidden cause of a truck accident by analysing all the evidence.

Damages from a Truck Accident

Dangerous truck accidents might cause multiple damages to the parties involved; sometimes, it’s not restored to the previous conditions before the accident took place.

Following are the few damages for which the truck accident claims may pursue compensation:

  • Medical bills
  • Medical treatment that might include surgery and other treatment costs
  • Fees for rehabilitation procedures
  • Hospital bills
  • Lost income bills during the accident
  • Loss of earning capability in the future
  • Mental and emotional suffering and loss
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

In certain truck accident cases, the victim’s family might claim compensation for consortium loss, which means their family members or spouse will no longer be able to provide the same companionship, love, affection, monetary support, or sex life as before the accident. Sometimes the trucking company can also be held responsible for punitive damage. Only an expert truck accident lawyer can find the probable cause of an accident, so you have more reasons than one to hire us.

Hire An Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

If you or your friends have been involved in a dangerous truck accident, give us a call we have ten plus years of experience in dealing with different commercial truck accident cases, we know how to get full compensation out of your injuries. We will fight for your rights and smartly put the arguments that will prove the truck driver’s or the trucking companies fault. Our experts know the nuts and bolts of getting and preserving evidence. We have experience in dealing with cases against the state government agencies, so if you think you need the help of an expert, give us a call now! You can book your initial free consultation with us.

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