The Cost Structure that you will bear for Hiring the Best Truck Accident lawyer!

You might be well aware of the necessities for a truck lawyer in case you meet with a truck accident. But one thing that you miss out on considering...
Best Truck Accident lawyer

You might be well aware of the necessities for a truck lawyer in case you meet with a truck accident. But one thing that you miss out on considering at the time of emergencies is the cost that your truck accident lawyer will charge you with. It is obvious that you will probably be ready to pay a good amount to win the case and get the compensation. But overpaying for an easy-win case will put you in a loss situation.

But you need to know that there is a process with which the charges of an attorney are decided! Therefore, invest a bit of your time, even in urgent situations, to save a good amount of bucks. Hence, this article is here to help you understand the costing process for truck accident lawyers.

The Contingency Fees Process

There are many truck accident lawyers who prefer to work on a contingency fee. The clients get a plethora of advantages for the victims of truck accidents. On hiring them, you do not have to pay any amount from your account or pocket. You will only be liable to pay the fees if you win the case, and that too from the compensation that you get. The lawyer will be responsible for proving numerable damages to your case, as it will eventually increase his/her end-pay.

The process of approach for such lawyers eventually begins with a free evaluation of the case. The client discusses about his/her injuries and the accident scene. From all of the provided information, they will plan out a preliminary determination. It is to check whether you have any strong case against the trucking company or not. It is because the injured party might also be responsible for the cause of an accident.

If the lawyer gains confidence upon pursuing and winning your case of compensation, then they will offer you to pay them in terms of contingency. There will be no retainer fee for hiring a lawyer from the respective firms that offer such services. They decide upon a percentage of fees and charge you the same from the compensation that they will secure for you. The average contingency fee that these lawyers demand is up to 1/3rd of the settlement amount or 40%. But, they give surety of getting the job done.

The Hourly Fee Process

If there is an unsolvable complexity in your case that is setting up the winning potential as a doubt, then the lawyers might demand a retainer fee in order to take up the case. It is mostly proposed when the lawyer has moderate confidence in how the loopholes from the client’s end would turn out in the courtroom.

In such cases, the truck accident lawyer might also present you with an hourly rate & additional expenses to take up your case. The lawyer will give in his/her full potential but cannot risk the fee, as the clients have loopholes in their case. The clients are bound to pay this fee, irrespective of whether they win or lose the case.

The Denial!

If no lawyer agrees to take up your case with a contingency fee and hourly fee structure, then probably you have a very thin line of succeeding at the court. So, do not take things to mind & heart, and trust the professionals, as they don’t want you to invest unnecessary money in losing the case.

In most truck accident cases, the truck and insurance companies will call the injured party and offer them compensation upfront. But remember that they are offering the least amount possible to get rid of the case. If your case is not that strong for the lawyers to fight, then take up the suggested compensation by the trucking and insurance company.

Other Costs for Running a Truck Accident Case

As of now, you have understood the pricing structure that you have to follow in order to hire the best truck accident lawyer. But, apart from that, there are a few other types of fees as well, which includes:

  1. Expert witness fees
  2. Court filing fees
  3. Postage costs
  4. Court Reporter fees
  5. Court filing fees
  6. Investigator fees

These costs are not directly related to the lawyer but are deducted from the settlement amount that you get. Some of the lawyers take their percentage as well, even after the retainer fee.


Now you have a clear idea of what you have to pay for hiring the best truck accident lawyer. Apart from that, you have the hint for all the other additional charges that will be deducted from your settlement money if you win the case. Make sure you read the contract carefully for all the details before you sign it.

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