Stand out in the crowd – 7 must have car accessories for women on wheels

So, now you have your dream car. You just love the way it looks, but you are eager to separate it from the rest of the clan. Right? So,...
car accessories for woman

So, now you have your dream car. You just love the way it looks, but you are eager to separate it from the rest of the clan.


So, what to do?

Think of it this way. You have bought a pair of jeans that are in rage right now. But you simply hate to look like hundreds of girls with the same jeans. You accessorize it to look different.

So why don’t you try the same thing with your car?

Here are a few car accessories for women that can help them make their vehicles stand out from the rest. However, men need not be afraid of indulging in these items either.

1. Fancy Seat Cover

Everybody has a style of their own and it is fun to reflect that. The seats of your car are one of the best places to start.

Why stick to the same old grey or black seat covers if you can easily add a splash of color?

Go for a great print to cover your seats. You can go for the daring hot pinks or the leopard or zebra prints as well. If you prefer to be understated, you can also go for a natural beige tone.

But customizing your vehicle need not stop at the seats. You can personalize your steering wheel, seat belts, and the floor mat too. Regardless of your taste, you can get a fancy seat cover to match your requirement. Just surf online to find great deals on car interiors. If comfort is the keyword for you, visiting a car accessories dealer might be the thing to do.

2. Car Magnets

There is no better way to announce to the world that the car owner is female than by using car magnets. You are bound to feel exhausted just by sifting through the varieties available. It is somewhat like shopping for earrings. Though you know that you need only two or three pairs, you end up buying loads. Try out this idea. Pick up a color scheme or theme for your car. Now accessorize it befitting the theme.

You can choose from bugs, butterflies, logos, and flowers to add a feminine touch to your car.

3. Key Chains

Flaunting a cool car is not enough. You need a keyring too. Choose a key ring that goes in your car. Just as your bag complements you, your keyring must compliment your car. If your car has a pastel shade, you can opt for a similar colored key chain. For the bright colors, you can pick from the glamorous key chains flooding the car accessory outlets. You can opt for the big, the tiny, the plain, or the colorful.

4. Decals

This is a durable transfer that will stick onto surfaces. You can use it in your car or its windows. Available in different designs, you can think of it as a sticker. Different shapes and quotes are available in this form to adorn your car. From girly decals in the guise of bows or hearts to the funny or empowering quotes, several options are available here. They are available both online as well as in the craft shops. So, just find your favorite and keep sticking.

5. Exterior Decorations

Have you ever seen cars driving around with deer antlers during Christmas?

Amazing, aren’t they?

These are not the only options to decorate the exterior of your car. There are several other fun ideas available too.

Right from seasonal decorations like antlers and Easter bunny ears to lights, don’t shy away from decking up your car. The headlight decorations are in craze now. Just try to take the roads with eyelashes added over your car’s headlight. This will give some real personality.

Decorations are available for the top of the car’s antenna too like colorful balls, stars, or bobbleheads.

6. Hanging Décor

Choose an array of hanging décor for your rearview mirror. You can try hanging the glittery keychains or a bow of your choice for that extra dose of personality.

7. License Plates

You were looking for it. Right? Personalised number plates are a must. You can customise your car with you:

  • Nickname
  • Favorite town or city
  • Favorite sporting club
  • Adored cartoon character
  • A Quotation or Caption
  • Creative ideas

You can think about customizing your car with one of these themes but you need to make sure that you are not breaking the UK registration laws while doing this.

It is not enough to decorate your car. You need to maintain your vehicle as well. Check the tires regularly for wear and tear and other signs of damage. Service the vehicle regularly by professionals who can identify as well as resolve the issues.

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