No need to carry your driving licence, vehicle papers anymore: Road Transport Ministry approves DigiLocker

It was mandatory for the drivers to carry their original RC papers or driving license. From now on, the scenario is going to change. You just need to upload...

It was mandatory for the drivers to carry their original RC papers or driving license. From now on, the scenario is going to change. You just need to upload the driving license or RC papers on the Government’s DigiLocker. The procedure is simple and supposed to benefit the drivers and anyone willing to sit behind the steering wheel.

The Ministry of Road Transport has issued an official notification addressing all the Indian State’s Principal Secretaries, all State/UT Transport Commissioners, All Secretaries of Department of Transport and DGPs/ADGPs(Traffic). The notification informs that the vehicle’s RC papers and digital driving license saved in DigiLocker will be legally recognized as equivalent to the original documents according to the IT Act 2000.

From Minister’s Desk

The Road Transport Ministry headed by honorable minister Nitin Gadkari claims that the department has received several RTI applications and suggestions from the citizens of India. They have raised issues if DL, RC, and other travel documents can be legalized on the mParivahan app or DigiLocker.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology took the initiative to build up the DigiLocker platform. The authority has an absolute right to put any Indian citizen’s Registration Certificate, Driving License or any other certificate in an electronic format. The department has now confirmed that the aforementioned documents on the mParivahan or DigiLocker will be legally recognized as stated by the provisions of the Information IT (Information Technology) Act, 2000.

The notification also informs that the data in regards to the renewal date of vehicles’ insurance and insurance of the new cars is also updated on the Government’s Vahan database by the Insurance Board (IiB). The same will find a reflection on the eChallan/mParivahan app of the Ministry. If the car registration information on the aforementioned app contains the details of the in-force policy, the requirement of a hard copy of the insurance certificate is not to be put in force according to the notification.

In its notification, the government has made it clear to all the states to accept vehicle papers and DLs on DigiLocker as well as mParivahan. In the event of an offense, the documents are needed to seize a vehicle. If that happens, the law agency can access online Vahan Sarthi database via eChallan. It abolishes the need of seizure of any such document.

This notification comes as a relief for all drivers, especially the forgetful persons to leave their driving license at home. Stay happy as you can now drive your car without carrying the hard copy of RC paper or driving license.

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