Private Number Plates Can be Bad for You

Do you know that private number plates can be bad for you? Yes, along with the pros, these plates carry some cons with them. This article is about the...
Private Number Plates

Do you know that private number plates can be bad for you? Yes, along with the pros, these plates carry some cons with them. This article is about the bad named earned by the private number plates due to certain problems. Let’s get to the problems:

1. A person is required to boast the right kind of personality for carrying off the personal number plate. Most of the cases show that the person is carrying the wrong personality for a particular number plate he/she owns. Everyone wish to generate a good image through their personalized number plate but in reality, the opposite happens. The number plate falls flat from them. Before fixing a number plate, take help of the experts, or rather say ‘no’ to a fancy number plate.

2. Many times, the vehicle for which you choose a personalized number plate may not match to each other. Then, it becomes an item of mockery for others. You need to create a balance between your car and the number plate you want to place on it.

3. Nowadays, traffic rules and regulations have become stricter. No one wants to be stopped by the police unnecessarily just for the unusual number plate attached to the car. Cars carrying regular number plates are not harassed much by the traffic police.

4. Even, the motorists who own personalized number plates are warned that their vehicles are in the risk of being stolen in comparison with the motorists who own regular number plates.

In the UK, the private number plates are popular as they give the vehicles a unique and matchless touch. Selling private number plates is a lucrative business in the UK. People don’t hesitate to spend a huge amount of money to buy their favorite cherished number plate.

Afzal Kahn, a car designer has spent approximately half a million pounds for owing ‘F1’.

Research has revealed that there is a connection between owning a private number plate and having the car stolen. It is claimed that those who possess cherished number plates are 50% more likely to have their vehicles stolen than those who don’t have any personalized plate attached to their cars. The drivers are also easily targeted for the valuable and unique nature of the registration number plate. Many times, the plate’s price surpass the cost of the car.

Even though a high number of people own customized number plates in the UK, yet many people feel that these plates convey a negative message. Around 27% of people who owns a customized number plate believe that they are attention seekers. Around 32% of people consider people with personalized number plates as posers. Around 26% of people think that they possess more money than sense.

The consumer affairs expert at ‘MoneySuperMarket, Kevin Pratt once said that as the releasing day of the new ‘68’ plate launching is approaching, more plates that are non-standard becoming available for purchasing. Many people are in light of having a personalized number plate of their own.

Few things to consider before spending on personalized number plate:

One should be sure that his/her insurer is aware of the details of the new plate. The details must be included in the policy, otherwise, the coverage can be invalidated.

The owners of the private number plate should claim the insurance in case the vehicle is stolen. The driver should inform the DVLA and the insurer that he/she wants to keep hold of the number plate. Otherwise, the car may reach the scrap yard or the number plate may be sold. The real owner may lose the right of that plate.

You may not be very lucky with personalized number plates. Your chosen plate may be in great demand and many billionaires may be willing to pay unthinkable amount just to get the exact plate you chose. Hence, you may have to remain happy with a number plate that doesn’t fit your desire. Also, if you are stubborn to get the exact plate, you may have to spend your fortune. Hence, ditch the idea of getting a customized registration plate, and go for the regular plates that also come in a good combination.

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