Meraj International is a prominent Tow Truck Manufacturer and Polypropylene Fire Vehicle Manufacturer for various applications and industries, including the medical field. Meraj International also produces wire harnesses with...
Tow Truck Manufacturer

Meraj International is a prominent Tow Truck Manufacturer and Polypropylene Fire Vehicle Manufacturer for various applications and industries, including the medical field. Meraj International also produces wire harnesses with premium materials (including thermoplastic and other thermoset materials) and electrical connector components tailored to the level of protection required by customers. You might be surprised to learn that Meraj International has extensive experience with specialist vehicle applications and supplying solutions integrated into OEM vehicles. These solutions serve a professional purpose, such as emergency vehicles, limousines, OEM Fire Trucks, truck bodies, and more. For OEM-specific vehicle applications, our wire harnessing capabilities can enable low-to-mid volume high-mix production solutions.



Wire harnesses are a vital part of any vehicle’s technology; they serve as the backbone for linking digital components to other elements like the engine or chassis and providing power to module and panel electronics. Consider how a minor system failure might influence a regular driver. Wire harnesses have become critical to vehicle efficiency and safety. Consider how much more crucial this is if the vehicle is used in an emergency.

Electronic control mounting, housings, bezels, frames, panels, and display modules are just a few of the OEM vehicle harnessing applications Meraj International has worked on. Meraj International provides several fabrication technologies that can be used to build connectivity within critical sections and components other than OEM car harnesses and wiring. Meraj International manufactures Tow Trucks with Boom and supplies but is not limited to the following specialist vehicles:

  • Work Trucks
  • Fire Engines
  • Ambulances
  • Limousines
  • Hearses

There was a period when wire harnesses for a specific vehicle model were the same for every vehicle of that model made; these harnesses would include wires for all possible applications, regardless of whether or not they correlated with or were embedded in the individual vehicle at hand. Some automakers continue to make harnesses in this manner, but Meraj International likes to do things differently. Meraj International assists in the development of custom-designed OEM wire harnesses that comprise only the cables required for the specific vehicle. Meraj International advocates for this to maximize valuable space in the vehicle while also taking into account the relevance of weight, affecting fuel consumption, emissions, and, ultimately, the amount of space used.



Meraj International provides a variety of fabrication services for specialty automobiles, ranging from can-bus interfaces, displays, and control panels to interior low-voltage accessories, including (but not limited to):

  • Dash Assemblies
  • Display Panels
  • Plug and Play Harnessing
  • Interior and Exterior Vehicle Lighting
  • Interior Vehicle Controls
  • Hinge Boot Wire Ways

From required display panels for commercial trucks and cars to plug and play harness that keeps your vehicle’s stereo or lighting organized, Meraj International has the wire harnessing experience to build the appropriate harness for your OEM vehicle.



Meraj International is competent to build the most cost-effective and, most importantly, practical OEM car harnessing to safeguard the wires in your work or emergency vehicle, regardless of your application or demand. Meraj International can also do value-added operations, such as over-molded cable assembly for specialty cars, which sets us apart from the competitors. Learn more about our wire harnessing capabilities on our Wire Harnessing page, and contact us to see how we can help you improve your OEM vehicle today.

Metal Fabrication

Fire Fighting Vehicles Manufacturers use a variety of metal fabrication technologies in the first stage of production. Body components, frame-up sub-assemblies, including bumpers and cross members, sidewalls, and cab doors, are all cut from sheet metal using a combination of lasers, turret punches, and water jets.

After completing the flat sheet metal cut-outs, the parts are bent to technical specifications using a combination of technology, including press brakes and fully automated world-class panel bending equipment.


When the parts for an assembly or sub-assembly are finished, the welding process begins. The welding operation is organized into several departments, each in charge of a specific part or process step. Skilled welders create highly tailored fire vehicle components with precision from fire vehicle cabs and bodies to pump frames and other subassemblies. Furthermore, each welder has the same Custom Welding Certification. As a result, all apparatus orders are guaranteed to be of the most outstanding quality and craftsmanship.


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