Know the FIVE Important Things Before Renting a Car

Renting a car has a variety of benefits. It is one of the simplest and hassle-free ways to get around while avoiding additional transportation costs. If you are on...
benefits of renting a car

Renting a car has a variety of benefits. It is one of the simplest and hassle-free ways to get around while avoiding additional transportation costs. If you are on a vacation, along with the benefit of saving money, renting a car also allows you to enjoy your trip by eliminating the requirement to follow the schedule of public transportation.

However, renting a car involves making a series of choices. From insurance policies to the regulations involved, renting a car isn’t an easy procedure. If you are not careful, you might go wrong and end up getting tangled in the process.

In this article, we are going to address some of the important things that you should know before renting a car.

1. Use a Credit Card

It is in the best interest of the car renters to provide a car to someone who does not have a credit liability. One of the best ways for them to determine this is by stating the requirement of a credit card to those who are interested in renting cars. Therefore, it is wise to use a credit card while renting.

That being said, it isn’t impossible to rent a car using a debit card. However, this might involve additional steps and fees for the credit check. Apart from that, car agencies can put a hold on certain funds from the debit card till you return the car. This might turn out to be an inconvenience for you. Therefore, carrying a credit card is recommended.

2. Keep the Driver Count Minimum

No matter how many people in your party are old enough to drive, it is important to reduce the number of drivers for the trip. This is because allowing more people to drive would only mean spending extra money for the rent.

Having a proper plan will help in determining how many drivers you actually need on the trip. It is advisable to designate two drivers to keep rental costs to a minimum.

3. Know Your Insurance Options

Getting the right insurance deal on a rental car can be a tricky subject. The insurance option offered at the car rental agency is usually quite expensive.

If you already own a car, the insurance associated with it may already cover that of the rental. Apart from that, many credit card companies provide insurance for rental cars without any additional costs. If anyone of these is applicable, you do not need to avail of the insurance policy being provided by the car rental agency.

That being said, certain credit card companies may have limited coverage on car rental insurance and some may not provide this facility altogether. Therefore, it is always wise to call and confirm.

In addition to this, another aspect to consider is personal accident insurance. This covers the medical bills of the car renter and the passengers if a crash occurs. If you have health insurance or are covered under the personal injury protection of your own car insurance, then you would not have to avail of this at the car rental.

4. Check the Vehicle

It is important to thoroughly inspect the car before renting it. Check for scratch marks, dents, and any sign of damage on the doors, bonnet, DVLA number plates, etc. You should also check the interior of the car properly. If you locate any damage, no matter how small, ensure that it is noted down by the rental company before you sign on any agreement.

Keep in mind that it is the responsibility of the car rental company to provide a safe, clean, and reliable car. Additionally, before signing the rental agreement, you should check whether you are required to pay more for extra mileage. If this is applicable, you need to understand the basis on which this extra charge will be added.

5. Bring Additional Equipment You Need

This can save you a lot of money. Extras like GPS, radio, car seats for babies, etc. may cost you extra at the car rental agency. Therefore, carrying your own is a good idea. If your rental car already has these extras, you can ask them to remove these and the charges associated with them from the bill.

These tips along with a little knowledge on which car to rent can make your experience rewarding.

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