How To Choose Genuine Car Parts From A Reputable Company?

Car parts are essential to make sure your vehicle stays in top-notch condition. However, finding genuine car parts can be tricky, especially for luxury vehicles. Be it an SUV,...

Car parts are essential to make sure your vehicle stays in top-notch condition. However, finding genuine car parts can be tricky, especially for luxury vehicles. Be it an SUV, hatchback, sedan or even a limousine- the parts are very expensive depending on the brand of the vehicle and hence it should be chosen carefully. The car parts, which are genuine from the brand, have certain markers, which set them apart.

We have shared a few tried and tested tips to recognize the car parts which are genuine and which are fake. However, by choosing a reputable dealer you can avoid the trouble of counterfeit parts altogether. An authorized dealer should be your first choice to find car headlight in Dubai.

Dangers of choosing fake parts

When you are installing fake parts in your car unknowingly, it can be very damaging and even dangerous. The fake part can lead to damage to the engine, brake failure, Electrical hazard, minimized wheel rigidity, windscreen injuries are some troubles which you will face when you have fake parts for the car.

Check serial number and hologram

This is the first thing you must do when you are buying car kit Dubai. Any part you are investing in will come with a unique serial code and hologram depending on the brand. You can trace back to the manufacturer when these are genuine. Run a quick scan on for your car parts before you buy them.

Check the QR code

The car parts will also have a QR code attached to the packaging. Check whether this code can be scanned with your smartphone. If you get all the genuine information after scanning the code, then you have a genuine product.

Consider visiting the store for the parts instead of ordering online from any unknown manufacturer you come across so that you are able to make a well-informed decision. In addition, when you are buying in person, you have more scope to check the QR code and other factor to judge its authenticity.

Check the RFIG tags

Car parts, which are highly valuable, will come with a RFIG tag from the brand. This lets the buyers as well as the makers verify whether the part is genuine or not.These tags are often seen on car air compressor suppliers in Dubai. It is very important that you choose such spare parts carefully as the fake parts can be very hazardous for the car and hamper its proper functioning in the end.

What to do if you get fake parts?

Despite all the precautions you take, coming across a fake car part is not unlikely. Since these are so expensive products, there are number of authentic looking counterfeits available in the market. Here are a few things, which you can do if you spot a fake product:

  • You should inform the company at the earliest about the counterfeit you spotted along with where you got it.
  • Avoid getting tempted by the idea of cheaper and discounted products as these fake products can eventually damage the car.
  • Report the fake car bumpers Dubai to the respective authorities so that the strictest action can be taken at the earliest.

How to make sure you get genuine parts?

The genuine parts are always available from the top reputable dealers in the location. There are many such dealers whom you can contact for the parts you need. In addition, you can get parts online and this is useful if you have heavy spare parts to buy.

The genuine car parts are highly necessary to make sure your car is maintained in optimum condition. Choosing a manufacturer who is known for their quality and consistency is the best way to ensure you have a thorough solution whenever you are in need for car spare parts.

Choosing a car manufacturer who knows the business well and have the experience and reputation over the years is always wiser to make sure you are getting quality products. The car parts being counterfeit is a genuine problem that many buyers face but if you have a thorough understanding of how to spot a fake car parts then you can avoid any kind of harassment.

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