How to Add A Personal Touch To Your Car

Anyone gets excited and happy when a new car is purchased. A lot of research, planning, budgeting, etc. have been made to get the perfect car. In fact, people...
Anyone gets excited and happy when a new car is purchased. A lot of research, planning, budgeting, etc. have been made to get the perfect car. In fact, people scrutinize the specs, luxury, added facilities, etc. for buying a single car that can provide him/her and the entire family the heavenly sense of fulfilment. A car should be an exquisite mix of utility and comfort along with great looks. Hence, it should get a special touch that can make it unique. Personalized number plates have the power to accomplish it right.

The following benefits rendered by the personalized number plate that can make your car a ‘Wonder Car’:

1. Your car will be completely unique

The private number plates are one of a kind. You have the freedom to combine the letters and numbers and spell something that you want to show the world. It can be your name, designation, favourite club, special date, or a message. A car is like a member of the family for a true car lover.

2. It can give you personal satisfaction:

The modern lifestyle and the growing demand for life have made us work machine. We have little time to satisfy our desires. But, it is very important to take time out for ourselves. Personalized number plates can fulfil our satisfaction level. If a plate is designed by you for your car that is going to remain in front of your eyes for long, your creativity, desire and sense of satisfaction can get rewarded.

3. It’s the ultimate gift for car lovers:

You can woo your loved ones with a wonderfully made personalized number plate. Nowadays, number plates are favourite items as gifts. Gift your special someone that extraordinary number plate that gives his/her car the refined touch that will be envied by all.

4. Great investment

If you have a good business mind, you can invest in a private number plate. These plates usually increase in value over time. In future, if you sell that number plate, there is every chance that can make a good amount of money from it.

5. Excellent branding

Personalized number plates act as the perfect branding medium that reflects your business and persona. The new trends of digital marketing have embraced the idea of fitting a customized number plate to the business vehicles that can make the customers aware, recognize and remind the particular brand for long. It helps in distinguishing a company from its counterparts. You decorate your car with many accessories and even put the best colour, covers, and parts, and fit the latest gadgets to make your car the most leisurely vehicle. With a personalized registration plate, your car is going to be the talk of the town.

6. Makes your vehicle more personalized

Give something to your car that can make it more of an individual. Use a slogan, or a phrase, or a word that really means something to you. If you are spending extra money on your car, why not give preference to a personalized registration number plate.

Where will you get private number plates?

  • DVLA
When it comes to the private number plate, the DVLA is the most preferred place to start. Over 45 million registration plates are available. It rejects the interference of the middleman. Hence, you can save some money. The search tools of the DVLA let you get hold of the criteria and browse the plates’ collection. Moreover, the DVLA arranges for number plate auctions all over the year. You can bid over the phone, in person or online. It is a timed auction. You have to place the maximum bid that will be hidden from other purchasers. The highest bidder will receive the number plate.
  • Classified Ads
In case, you can’t find a particular plate you want via the DVLA, you can go through the classified ads given in newspapers and car magazines. The private number plate’s ad is rare and very expensive. But, you can get your dream number plate there.
  • Broker/dealer websites
Some dealers like Plates4Less buy and sell personalized registration plates. If you can’t find a specific number plate on the website of DVLA, don’t hesitate to browse the dealers’ websites. Be sure that the dealer is reputed and has a good history.
Next time, you buy a car, attach a personalized number plate to it.
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