Can A Damaged Car Engine Be Fixed?

When doing a tuning on your car, one should know what one wants or what the target is so that one should be able to buy perfect parts required...
Damaged Car Engine

When doing a tuning on your car, one should know what one wants or what the target is so that one should be able to buy perfect parts required for that tuning. Safety is the number one priority when doing a tuning on your car while maintaining the perfect balance between accelerates, turn, and decelerate. For example, if you go on and just increase the engine performance, you will feel the insufficiency in your car’s turning due to lack of observation on suspension and braking.

The engine is the main and the most important working part of your vehicle and if it is not working properly then your vehicle is at great risk. The engine doesn’t fail immediately it gives multiple signs to the driver that he/she should pay attention to check their vehicle’s engine but once the engine is failed there may be no chance of repairing so we should always prepare ourselves before any loss and take care of our car so that the engine can be protected and your car can run efficiently and smoothly with a properly working engine

The engine is the most important part of the vehicle needs to be taken care of and if it is neglected and used harshly it may damage your vehicle permanently leading towards the removal of the engine by installing a new one or in some cases the engine has affected the car so badly that the owner has to change their car just because of their carelessness towards the maintenance of their vehicle. There are four important tasks of engine tuning that will help in maintaining your engine and may help you through your Car Engine Repair: Intake Exhaust Fuel Management Ignition

1: Intake

As we humans need to breathe, similarly your car’s engine needs to breathe too. If we were not given sufficient air to breathe, we’ll suffocate to death. The same thing happens with your engine. And to improve car performance, we make sure it gets a sufficient amount of air through the intake manifold. The more air it gets more power it will produce. To increase the intake efficiency, you remove all the restriction that is in the way of air going into the engine. And you do that by removing the stock air intake and adding an aftermarket performance air intake which best suits your requirement. The performance air intakes have grater airflow than stock ones thus increasing the intake efficiency and power of your engine. But one drawback of these aftermarket filters is that they have a short maintenance cycle thus requiring regular maintenance more often than the stock air intakes.

2: Exhaust

Just like a human body, your engine also needs to breathe out. To better this exhaust system, we replace the muffler first. You can also just remove the muffler to decrease the backpressure also called resistance but it will drastically decrease your torque, which badly affects the launch and acceleration. So, it’s important to get the right amount of backpressure (resistance). You can affect the engine performance by changing the shape, length, and joints of the exhaust manifold. The exhaust mufflers are designed to reduce sound and to make torque at lower RPMs (engine speed). Sport muffler gets smoother bends to increase efficiency. And it needs to be tuned with your car so that you can have max power through all engine speeds.

3: Fuel Management

Fuel management detects how much fuel is a need in the combustion chamber according to the amount of air present in it. It’s a computer that controls all of this called ECU (Engine Control Unit). The ideal air-fuel ratio is 15:1 (15g of air to 1g of fuel) but in practice, most of the time the engine tends to be richer in fuel. An air-fuel gauge is used to measure the air-fuel ratio.

4: Ignition

this is the most basic and most popular option when tuning your car. You start by changing your spark plugs which best suits your requirement. Spark plugs have heat levels. This means in lower heat conditions you can use lower heat level spark plugs and vice versa. The computer controls the timing of ignition which is very important to prevent your engine from knocking.

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